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    Is it safe to assume this has been abandoned now? If this is not going to receive updates to adapt to new WP versions etc in a timely fashion then it’s going to be a nightmare for some of our existing site builds (We have moved to stackable blocks for new builds, highly recommended to anyone else lurking these support threads who’s in the same boat.)

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  • I use Stackable Pro as well it was just missing a tabs block and Kioken has the best one I’ve found.

    Agree – there was a discussion on FB where the developer chipped in with all sorts of lame excuses, but that was a fair few weeks ago now, but nothing has changed, no updates, no support replies!
    BTW: I’m using mainly GenerateBlocks, with Kadence for any extra blocks I need.

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    Seems we’re in the same page here.

    Dave, would you say GenerateBlocks + Kadence Premium can replace Kioken Premium?

    I had to make choices and I opted for Kioken Premium + Stackable Pro, just like Matt. But now I fear I was wrong. This Gutenberg connundrum is making things hard for everybody to choose the right options.


    @goodvalley Hi
    I guess it comes down to what features (blocks) you want?
    For me I have only had to use Kadence for an FAQ block & a post archive block – but I’m sure I will need others as I move forward…


    I’ve seen enough. I’m going to remove Kioken from my websitand switch to Gutentor witch can do the same thing but then more efficiently! Bye Kioken!



    Loads of Kioken stuff doesn’t work properly in the new Gutenberg UI now as well. Nightmare.

    Thanks for this information! I have been baffled recently when things started breaking in inexplicable ways. I keep watching and hoping for updates but none ever come. Sadly I heavily used many structural blocks that will need to be replaced. I did love the original design ideas but if there will be no reliable support, then this was a really really bad idea.

    Thanks again for this information. Time to roll up my sleeves and start replacing. The days of waiting and hoping are over for me.

    I’ve started replacing also, a lot of work. I think in the future no more plugins that didn’t proof themselves in terms of updating and support.



    An update has been issued for the pro version which fixes layout bugs in the new editor UI.

    We used this for the Tabs Block but it has suddenly stopped working.

    We just get a blank section in our page.

    See – at the part saying: What we litigate.

    Has anyone found a nice replacement Tabs Block?

    Or a solution to get the Kioken Tabs Block working?

    Plugin Author Onur Oztaskiran


    @alfredg @mthompso @itsmrwalshtoyou @daveporter @goodvalley @mattallenuk

    I totally understand your frustrations about the plugin. It took a serious while to get things running again on our end after a major Gutenberg editor release breaking things but everything should be running smoothly now. Please forgive me for the time it took to resolve issues.

    Since we’re builders ourselves as well and there are many sites we’ve built with Kioken Blocks and I believe we’ve sorted out all the issues related with WP 5.5 in addition to extra features we added to Kioken Blocks.

    I’d encrouage you guys to give Kioken Blocks another try, whether you’re a pro customer or not.




    @sj_o thanks for your hardwork. I am happy to give it a try again, it is a great plugin.

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