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  • Hey everyone!

    Hope this is the right forum to begin this discussion.

    To be humbly honest, I am a cutting edge newbie with WordPress, and would like to ask for some direction on how I should proceed with the way I have setup my environment.

    To provide some background, I am a freelance developer adding WordPress to my portfolio. I have a LAMP stack setup on a virtual machine running CentOS 7, and the approach I am pursuing is to have my base WP installation in /var/www/html, and setup separate sites for the projects that come in my direction. One of these projects is my business web presence, another is for the local community, and more are in the works. I have setup and activated multisite especially for this purpose. In addition, for the projects I consider to be active I have setup subdirectories within the base installation, which are currently empty.

    This is where I am encountering my next stumbling blocks, and is why I am seeking some sound advice. Being freelance, I want to be able to setup different sites for the different projects I work on and be able to maintain and enhance the sites for my customers, but is the approach I am taking one that is common for my scenario, or should I encapsulate each site in it’s own WP installation, putting each next to my base installation in the directory structure, basically not using multisite, and possibly even a database instance for each site?

    I put in the effort to have my base installation do automatic updates, and ensured that all access rights were correct. Every time I set these, I always hear my supervisor from my first job as a programmer standing over my shoulder asking me “Did you check your access rights?” But even after setting these I had to disable selinux to get the automatic update to work properly. This I have permanently disabled, as experience has shown that selinux is nothing more than a pain in the derrière.

    I would greatly appreciate hearing how some of my fellow freelancers are handling their projects in a WordPress environment, and provide some food for thought on how I can continue with my setup. I also would not have any issue removing the base installation and starting over.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, and I will enjoy any and all comments from the community.


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  • Hello Karl,

    I have read all your threads and just want to suggest one thing as per my experience. You have to setup all the WordPress in separate folders. As you want to manage all things separately like WordPress upgrade to the latest version and all the things want to manage with latest codes.

    If you do a setup in multi-folder (of course not Multisite) then at some point there may be some issue with one folder then you have to pay for another folder also as those are interconnected although the database is different.

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