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  • I would like to use wordpress for my new website design. At the present I have all standard html files oldschool on the root directory. I don’t want to loose page rank and placement of the those pages so I was wondering if this can be done. Could I set wordpress up on say a sub domain on that url then delete the old site and move the wordpress site to the root ? Or can I assign wordpress to a folder then move it to the root. Any help would be most appreciated. What is the easiest way.


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  • If I had to do it, I would use a subdomain (and file-system subdirectory) for the WordPress site, and later point the main domain at the subdirectory where WordPress is installed. I might eventually move WordPress to the “root” (i.e. public_html), or I might not bother.

    Well if I build it on the sub domain is there away to move it to the root without the whole thing getting messed up.

    Moving WordPress to a different filesystem directory does not normally mess anything up. WordPress does not care where in the filesystem it is installed. Of course you must also change the server configuration so that URLs point to the right filesystem directory, but that has nothing to do with WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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