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  • I have created a fairly robust workflow for developing our website (which is not necessarily a blog, but uses everything that wp has to offer).

    I would like to give my marketing peoples a way to hit something like www-mktg so they can create and edit content within my dev database, but not hit my dev (www-dev) domain (which happens to be my machine.

    so essentially I have setup a database on a server at the office. My local machine (www-dev) is configured to use that db.

    I have created a wp instance on the same server as the db (www-mktg) so if I am not here the marketing people can do their thing.

    Here is the question:
    Navigating to http://www-mktg/wp-admin will redirect to http://www-dev/wp-admin.

    It would be great if everyone (including myself) could use http://www-mktg/wp-admin to edit all post/page etc content.

    Where in WP can I set this?


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  • Not entirely clear: www-mktg and www-dev are using the same database and the same tables???

    that is right.

    www-dev is a served off of my macbook pro – so it goes home with me.

    www-mktg is served off of a linux box here at the office that is always on, always accessible.

    It doesn’t matter where the WP files are – the blog’s URI and the WP’s URI (the two values defined in the admin > Options > General) are stored in the DB.
    So, regardless where do you access them from… if it is the same DB, same table, they will “redirect” you to the URI stored in the DB!
    The values are stored in the wp_otions table (or whatever you prefix is) as “home” and “site_url”.

    so there is no way to hard code the uri value for one server?

    Where does WP pull the value into php? Ive been searching high and low.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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