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  • I’d like to re-design my site, so I’m implementing a new theme. Does WordPress support the testing of my theme without actually making it appear on my “live” site?

    That is, is there a way to view and test my theme so I can explore my site, while all visitors see the old one?

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  • No.
    You are best to install WP again into a test directory. Better still, install it onto your machine – cuts out all the ftp nonsense while you perfect things.

    That’s disappointing; to develop a new theme you’d either have to install a web server, database, and PHP on your local computer or set up a new remote installation (including setting up a temporary mySQL database)…

    Strikes me as a little ridiculous, when it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement user-specific theme displays for this purpose. (You could display the “test” theme for whatever registered user is developing the theme, and the selected “live” theme for everyone else).

    Any chance of this feature making it into a future version?

    Download xampp.
    Run Install
    Install WP

    all that takes what ? less than 10 minutes ?

    And I doubt it.

    Isn’t this going to be covered by the “status” selector at some point?

    No idea, but having xampp on your machine is (1) very easy to do (2) very useful for all things WP (3) useful for all php / mysql apps

    Maybe this?
    Though the link came from here, suggesting possible problems:
    I vote for local development too though 🙂

    Actually, you could install the theme-switcher plugin, but leave the theme-switching tag out of your templates and call the test theme with Your readers will continue to see the theme selected in the admin panel, but you can view the new theme.

    I got that wrong then – my apologies.

    Xampp is cool though.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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