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  • So I’ve been poking around the codex and tinkering a bit with plugins. What I want to do is simple:

    • Create a function that displays a form
    • Display it on it’s own page using the theme’s header and footer
    • Accessible by guests
    • Post to the same page or another and display results of the post

    I see there are hooks to add stuff into an admin area but how do I create a new page (not a post) that hooks into a custom controller / form handler that I write inside of a plugin, display of the form for that specific page and also react to handle the submit data?

    Once I can understand how this works, I will be able to integrate my custom development (yay)!

    Any hints would really help! Thanks!

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    Ok I think the way this might be handled is that you create a plugin, activate it, bind a method to filter “the_content”, in that method check for the uri, page title or whatever and then once it’s found, echo out the content (ie form, etc).

    Seems to work so far..

    Thanks me!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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