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  • I wanted to give WordPress a try and will need to host with an outside provider. To test its functionality, I thought I’d open a new free account at How do new accounts develop their blog without it being live? In other words, is there a test environment in which to build it before it goes to production?

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  • Google “Xampp” from Apache Friends. Then do a site search here for XAMPP, there’s tons of information on that, how to install, how to use.

    You’ll have to download WP and install it locally, won’t help with working locally.

    Once you discover the power of xampp, you quickly get addicted 😉

    I forgot to write – I am in a Microsoft shop. They will not support .php. I have the use of IIS and SQL server.

    Xampp will run just fine on a windows box. Honest. That tutorial I already gave you in the other thread is all about installing it on windows.

    Side note: You probably won’t ever be running WP against SQL Server.

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    I forgot to write – I am in a Microsoft shop. They will not support .php. I have the use of IIS and SQL server.

    If that’s absolute, then I suggest you forget about WordPress entirely. It’s written in PHP, and expects you to use MySQL. It also prefers Apache, although will work (badly) with IIS.

    Also, using is not the same thing as running your own WordPress instance on your own server. is a blog system in much the same way as livejournal or blogger is. You host your blog on their servers, not yours. The package here is the code to run on your own server somewhere. The two are only vaguely related.

    Run – I could set you up a test server on a domain of mine and allow you work out your kinks … the domain i am refering to would be over at refreshingideas dot net.

    designpastor (at) if interested .. i dont mind one bit …

    FWIW, I run a MS based LAN at home, with IIS, and have XAMPP on a local machine there. They play nice together, with just a little TLC. I can even access sites on the machine running XAMPP from other machines.

    Just to clarify, a blog is automatically live. There is an option in the dashboard there to be visible only to users you choose, which is essence a private environment, but not quite the same.

    You could always get your hosting, and set up a test blog in a subdomain, or sub-directory, to tweak, then migrate to root once it’s set up.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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