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  • Hi All,

    I am here to get a general perspective after recent discussions about a new project with my manager. I have been a full stack developer withing with python web frameworks as a profession for many years, so it is often my go to solution to develop new apps in this way as needed. For a new project, my boss commented that he had good success with wordpress for certain other sites, and that he was not sure if it was worth it to put effort in to develop a new web app from scratch in this case (as I have done for some other projects here). He asked that I check into the feasibility of using wordpress for a new site, so that is why I am here.

    Basically the site would mainly be a collection of articles, events, possibly embedding of google groups etc on static pages, so not too much complicated server wise. The one feature that I have my doubts about would be something like a ‘moderated content submission’. This would work by unregistered users submitting posts like a forum, and then one of our approved moderators (registered users) being able to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ each submission, if accepted, it would appear as a post on the ‘blog’. Can anyone clarify if some functionality like this is within the scope of wordpress or not? This would help greatly for making a decision with my boss about using wordpress or just starting a new app from scratch.

    Appreciate your time and reading and I hope it has not been too bothersome.

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  • This all seems like fairly straight forward functionality that can be achieved with WordPress and the ‘right’ variety of plugins. Things like articles, events and embedding content from other sites could be achieved by using custom post types, custom fields and some plugins.

    I don’t want to recommend any plugins specifically because it’s down to personal preference and the individual needs, but if you have a look at the plugin directory, there are a fair few popular plugins that would get you on the right track fairly quickly.

    Starting from scratch is an option for sure, but the WordPress approach would be a quarter of the time to setup and easy to manage going forward. Cost wise as well it can be quite cheap to get a really good WordPress site working for you effectively.

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