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    I am fairly new to how WP works, but I have created a few themes in WP so I am not completely new, but quite limited in other parts. I am working on a redesign for They gave me a copy of the site which I have installed on my own webstie:

    The major problem is that all the links are sent back to, this includes the wp-login.php. I got a copy of their database set up on my server and have access to that, which from what I read you need to make things work.

    In the other posts I have read with my issue the users have access to both the old and new sites. I am guessing I do not need access to their site for mine to work, but I can not find an example of my situation. If you go here:

    and scroll down about 2/3rds the page to
    If You Want Your Old Site To Still Work
    3. Go back to your OLD site and go to options and change the url (both of them) to that of your new site.

    I run into the problem that I don’t have access to the old site, and, I am not going to be running the site from my personal website, I am only developing a new theme and adding a few features like social feeds etc.

    I need to log into the site that is on my website and have the links all point to the files on my site, not the original site. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  • I used this hack in the wp-login:

    update_option('siteurl', '' );
    update_option('home', '' );

    but read that it is only a hack, and although the pages on the website are redirecting properly, it looks like the database is still not linked correct. The login “lostpassword” page asks for Username or E-mail, and although I am entering both the username and email from the database it says “There is no user registered with that email address.” I am guessing, though could be wrong, that it is trying to access the original database with their information, and yes, there is no reason for me to be registered on their site.

    Is there an actual fix to use rather than this hack?



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    Nice! I missed that before. I will see if it works, once I figure out how to search the DB



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    Yeah, saw that, the problem was that all the posts on my site are just that, posts from my site. there were only 3 and they already had my URL in there.

    Maybe I am trying to solve the wrong problem?
    I am trying to login to the site, and it thinks I am not in the database so I can’t reset my password, but I can see my email in the DB. I did transfer the DB from the original site of which I was not a user. I configured this DB to run on my site, that was a pain, but I can not be sure I set up WP after I got the DB working. Is there a way to check this or reset it all together?
    Maybe the database is not linked to WordPress properly?

    OK. HUGE problem! I manipulated something and now the actual site is redirecting to my site!! I have NO ACCESS to any of their files, how could this have happened? I was changing everything I could think to change, so there are a lot of places this could have happened.

    Again, I am not well versed in the way WordPress does things, so maybe one of the residual pieces of data gave me access to their site, even if I couldn’t log in?

    What file could I have changed to make it do this?
    goto: then hover over the logo, notice it takes you back to my site (

    OK, I got logged into my wordpress. I had the wp-config.php set wrong, so I got that straight and then reset the PW by doing the following:

    I am still concerned that I was able to screw up the original site without any access to any of their files or their database. This is disturbing!

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