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  • I’ve started development on a WordPress plugin that will allow users to create content (text, pictures, input forms, etc) and send the documents to one or more iPads. Any forms can be filled out on the iPad and the data returned to the WordPress plugin. The plugin will accept/save data and let you display the results in the form of various charts and tables.

    I need this plugin for my own consulting clients, but I think almost anyone reading this plugins/hacks forum would also be able to use a plugin like this. In my own business we’ve used iPads for things like time sheets and work orders, inspection reports, inventory management, and surveys. The iPad apps available today are not flexible or secure enough for my clients, and I want direct interaction with WordPress sites.

    At this point I have a working prototype of the iPad app so now I can start coding the WordPress side. What I need is feedback on the features other people would like to see (and also any feedback telling me if this is a stupid idea). For more details and a little video showing the iPad app you can visit my Kickstarter project here:

    Any input appreciated.

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