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Developers on free wordpress themes

  • Just a suggestion. WHY oh WHY do these developers building all the WordPress free themes do not include BASIC instructions for getting started with the theme? Since they are all different, how hard would it be for even just ONE page of instructions? It gets so ridiculous when you’ve spent hours and days on a theme only to find out near the end that there are things in the theme that simply do not work. Waste of everyones time if you ask me. I don’t mean full blown instructions on how to build the site either I mean even just a few lines would be helpful. That would eliminate hundreds of unnecessary posts and also eliminate any bad reviews on each theme, makes total sense to me. Why does nobody else see this??

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Can you identify which themes you’re referring to?

    Why does nobody else see this?

    I can only speak for myself and I see it sometimes for plugins, but I also am aware that I am getting something for free.

    Hi Andrew! 🙂

    I realize it is free. My point is (and I’m referring to the majority of all free wordpress themes) just a few things explained for basic set up, for example, one theme I’ve been using (and I won’t name names) shows the demo with a jquery slider on the home page. No where in this theme is there any setting to engage the slider or how to make it appear on any page within the theme for that matter. Second example, there is a setting for ‘full-width, no sidebar’ however the setting does not take or work when set to that option. Also, settings for static pages and blog pages sometimes can be very tricky to make work since all themes are coded differently.

    That’s what I mean. If they just would have included a couple simple steps for this or basic direction for how to employ the slider.

    Does that make more sense now?



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    I won’t name names

    If you downloaded it from wordpress.org, please do. Have you checked the theme’s folder for a readme.txt file?

    It’s the Forever Theme. Where is the themes folder located? I installed through the WordPress dashboard.



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    All themes are stored inside wp-content/themes with each theme having its own folder. With this theme in particular, have a look at the theme’s homepage for detailed instructions.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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