Developer helping users backup their 'uploads' folder... ideas? (2 posts)

  1. AardvarkGirl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi everyone.

    I've created a few dozen WP sites for clients who are not computer savvy. We had a brief scare today with a users directory being deleted. At first we thought 'no problem' because we had the database and the theme files... until we realized we don't monitor clients uploads folders or have copies of their plugins.

    How do other developers help their clients manage this?

    We are with a popular host provider and I know they do backups but I was wondering are there any utilities that anyone uses - that the site owners can use to take some level of responsibility (after all, they wanted the CONTROL *wink*).

  2. I would set them up with auto-backups. If their webhost doesn't provide it (mine does for $.12 on the Gig) you can do something like http://vaultpress.com/

    That'll also bail them out if an upgrade goes boink.

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