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  • Hi! I found your plugin searching on the web i was interesting on creating a soccer prediction wordpress website (With an intranet for users that register and use this website), this site is for fun only (NOT A BET SITE). The site should be completely adminstrable, since the tournaments, teams and results should be uploaded by the administrators. We need a programmer and also a design resource for the GUI (It could be the same resource or two differnte resources). We have some samples sites for guidance and also Adobe Illustrator Files with examples for the GUI. The plugin is very nice and makes lots of the things we would like to have, there are some things we would like to modify or add and include everything in a wordpress theme. I don’t know if you could help us creating the wordpress theme for some money.

    Please let me know.


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  • Plugin Author AntoineH


    Hi Juan,

    This forum is not the place to recruit resources or ask for paid development. At least, that’s what the forum mods always tell 🙂

    But, to answer your question: I don’t have time to take on extra projects. Besides that, I am a terrible front-end coder, so developing themes is not my thing.

    Good luck with your plans.

    It would be interesting, though, to share ideas, themes et cetera. Is that allowed; for as long as it is free..?

    I would be interested in a nice World Cup 2014 theme for instance.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Yes, I guess that is allowed. But I am not a mod.
    But I would suggest you open a new topic with a subject that covers your question. Otherwise users won’t be able to find it easily. Or maybe it is allowed in one of the general fora about themes.

    I have realized my website for World cup….…with this fabulous WP FOOTBALL POLL Plugins and i have bought and customize theme.

    Many hours of work… You could do it ! ^^

    Thanks AntoineH for the quick response! Sorry if i cause any issue in posting this on the suppor forum, i just wanted to contact you! Also i want to thank you for the great plugin you have developed and i will probably post any doubt regarding the plugin in case i have it!

    sillery4ever your website is incredible, excellent job man! Are you a programmer or you just have an idea and with the plugin and a template you manage to create the website? Because we are really loking foward to create something similar with the world cup and the Argentina league, i would really appreciate if i could get in contact with you to talk!


    I am more a designer rather than a webdeveloper… but have make this site with my knowledge of wordpress and plugins help.

    This plugin is wonderful because exactly what i was looking for… First idea was to play with friends. Idea is born in last december … and i have work many hours to have this result.

    I have a skype id if you want to chat abaou it : my Skype id : nano_macbook

    Hi sillery4ever,

    Could you please give your email address so I can contact you?

    I love your website and this is exactly what I would love to build. What template did you use?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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