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  • Caspar


    We’d sincerely like to apologize for the headaches BackWPup has caused all of you who updated to 3.0.9. We’ve fixed the fatal error issue in 3.0.10 which we released a couple of hours ago.

    This is what went wrong:

    During development of BackWPup 3.0.9 we had changed the name of a folder (sdk/Aws/Symfony) from lower- to uppercase. Everything went smooth in all of our tests, so finally we decided 3.0.9 was ready to be released.

    When we submitted the source code of 3.0.9 to SVN yesterday, it seems our developers’s local SVN did not recognize that folder name had changed and didn’t upload/update its contents.
    Due to the missing contents of that folder BackWPup 3.0.9 then threw that fatal error and hell broke loose.

    We’d like to point out it was not due to lack of testing before the release that BackWPup 3.0.9 went berserk, but due to an error right in the middle of the release.
    One thing among many we’re learning from this is to go back through our release process and optimize the hell out of it. With BackWPup counting over 0.6mio downloads be assured the pressure is on for us.

    Again, we apologize for the mess. BackWPup 3.0.10 is at hand and fixes that issue.
    If you (like us) find BackWPup 3.0.10 working smoothly for you, please consider to come back here for a quick click on “Works!” and/or a positive review.


    P.S.: I can’t set this message on read-only, but please don’t post any support requests here. If you need help, please open a new topic in the forums.

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