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    I just updated to 2.0.1 and it took my site down. I assume that’s due to the files I’ve modified in my child theme.

    Is there a list of updates made?

    Also, here is a list of the files that I’ve updated:


    If there is no list, can you please advise as to which file I might need to look at for changes?



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  • Theme Author tskk


    all of the front end has been changed to make the theme html5/css3.
    you can download the old version from and continue using it.

    Hi my main page front has all changed also. I dont like how on the, Header One Settings on the headline i have 2 words that use to be side by side now there on top of each other and due to not having sub menus i have quite a few and now there messed up…

    I will revert back to the older one.

    diamondshineuk, I’m a little bummed about the changes too. However, I see the need for these changes.

    If you have not yet reverted to the prior revision, what’s the link to your home page? I’m planning on updating to the new theme over the next week or two and would like to see what’s in store.



    I have reverted back. I like the way its set out now when i updated and the changes where all over and it really did not look right. I could understand an update for sub menus but that up date made my site look a mess..

    Here is my site anyway

    Is it going to stay like that ? Why was it important?

    I can’t answer your question about “will it stay like that”, I’m not the developer. What I see is that the developer made a necessary update so that the theme would remain compliant with HTML standards on the internet. To do that he had to make a lot of changes, I guess, and the new theme isn’t 100% like the old one design-wise. That’s why you and I are having difficulty.

    Nice site, by the way.

    Thanks im going to keep it on the older version for as long as possible so until i really have to update the theme

    miketurco ive updated to current version now and adjusted the wording i had and seems fine i can live with it. I know you wanted to check before you update yours.

    That looks really good. I plan to update sometime soon.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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