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  • After spending some time setting up author bios on a bunch of subpages, I just figured out (duh!) that WP has an author.php that creates most of what I need. So…I started to transfer the bios to actual author pages.

    My problem is that the author.php doesn’t have the same styling that the page.php does.

    Here’s the bio on a Page:

    Here’s the bio on an author.php (I made some changes to try to make them similar…):

    I want the functionality of the latter with the styling of the former. I’m pretty good at css, but when it’s all mixed in with the php, I get lost.

    Since I’m using these as bio pages, I want to include the author bios in the Details section. But the “About the user” field in Users>Authors & Users leaves HTML links and formatting such as bold, but strips out paragraph markers. Is there a way to solve that? Hmph. Without such HTML being accepted, it leaves me with huge chunks of hard-to-read text.

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