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  • Try StatCounter.

    And there is a plugin for it, a search should turn it up, it was just posted as new a few days ago.

    Even so, without the plugin it is very easy to install. Just a bit of code for your footer.php file.

    I have absolutely no experience in coding php I’m afraid. Thanks anyway.

    MenZaorg, you don’t need to know php for statcounter.

    It gives you some javascript code which you will need to add in your template.

    I have been using them for over a year now and highly recommend them.

    Oh right, I thought it added a page onto my Dashboard.

    StatCounter looks nifty enough – I’m using it too – although I’dve like something like the one I originally requested.

    Would be really nice if someone would do it – thanks for recommending it, Ajay.


    I would recommend ShortStat. Not as fancy looking but it seems to have a lot more information. Check it out!

    Moderator James Huff


    I agree the stats in are really cool.

    Why wasn’t this put in WP2.0?

    Would be great!

    a plugin I use and that I have *just* tested locally on wp2.0 and seems to be running fine is stattraq..

    check out the demo, see if it has what you are looking for.. I have found it to work really quite well… at least in earlier versions. …

    a quick update.. not sure if it is working ok actually, the local install I think buggers some of it up so the stats are not actually coming in correctly (read: not at all).. that is what i get for jumping the gun. 😛

    Few months back when I checked StatTraq, I found it had problems with nice permalinks. It clubs such visits under home page visit.

    You are better off using StatCounter / SiteMeter / Google Analytics (best)

    I vote for google analytics also.

    just an update.. it was my foolishness as to why stattraq wasn’t working.. :S .. those equally challenged please repeat after me.. always ACTIVATE the plugin .. 😀

    works as it should with wp2.0.

    I had looked at analytics, but last I checked they were no longer accepting users due to the crushing demand.

    still is :S

    from the website:

    New account signups are temporarily suspended. If you want to be notified when signups re-open, please enter your e-mail address on our signup page. Thank you!”

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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