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Detailed Record Label Website

  • alexleonard


    Hi there,

    Really proud to announce the launch of what I feel is by far and away the most complicated website I’ve ever managed using nothing more than WordPress to power it.

    Check out http://www.invisibleagent.com

    Each Invisible Agent artist is an “author” but thanks to some permalink changes their URL’s show up as invisibleagent.com/artist/ebauche etc. Each artist is linked to their releases and each release page shows other releases by that artist in a nice jQuery tabbed box.

    Reviews are strengthened by Xavier’s Review Rating plugin, which is great! There’s extensive use of the audio-player plugin, podcast channels provided an easy way to create a single “Agent Cast” category for podcast lovers, and there’s countless other bits and pieces that I’m really happy with.

    Hope you like it!

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  • agarton


    that’s quite a lot of work there… am about to embark on a similar exercise, moving our label off an old moveable type site, onto WP. the MT site has been terrific, but now quite tedious to maintain.




    Would love to know how you got on agarton, currently undertaking a similar mission. Artists, concerts, releases, video and editorial posts all need to be filterable by artist to dynamically populate each artist page. Slowly starting to get my head around it.



    I love the http://www.invisibleagent.com site looks absolutly great.. I’m looking to do something similar for a friend that wants to put his keyboard instrumentals up online..?? I don’t know but I think this would do minus the bg and header .jpg could anyone help me out finding a theme like this one?

    Thomas Griffin


    Nice website man! I’m impressed with all the technical goodies you offer.



    Thanks for the positive comments on http://www.invisibleagent.com.

    The theme for Invisible Agent was a custom design that Pixelapes undertook for the label owner. We went through a length design process and followed that with the construction of a very customised WordPress theme. As a result we hope that the Invisible Agent website has a little individuality in the crowded world of WordPress themes.

    If you are looking for a professional looking template for WordPress I would suggest looking through items at themeforest.net as well as the standard wordpress.org themes gallery. If your friend is interested in a more custom design, we’d be happy to provide a quote 😉

    You can find us over at http://www.pixelapes.com (our own site is in need of a redesign but client websites come first!)

    @griffinjt Thanks man. It’s a year old now and we have a few things we want to do to improve the site a bit 🙂

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