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    Diversas strings de tradução dessincronizadas, arquivos de traduções desatualizados. Muito péssimo isto.

    Os desenvolvedores tem que testar seus plugins e temas, traduzindo-os em 100% para checar. Sem isso o plugin e o tema, ficam limitados e inúteis.

    Developers have to test their plugins and themes, translating them 100% to check. Without it the plugin and the theme are limited and useless.

    Multiple translation strings out of sync, translation files out of date. This is very bad.

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    Plase, how to translate “Apply for job” button even though the string in php doesn’t translate as it does? And “CONTACT US”?

    = 1.35.3 =
    * Fix: Use wp_kses_post to process a job title instead of esc_html
    * Fix: Fix dependencies (npm/composer) problems
    * Fix: Decode html special chars for mailto link (@RafaelKr)
    * Fix: Reset job filter properly by using jQuery’s prop instead of jQuery’s attr
    * Fix: Fix not translatable string (@masteradhoc)
    * Fix: Disable transient cache when the order is set to random or random featured
    * Fix: Fix button “Apply for job” when the page is translated using Google Translate

    = 1.35.2 =
    * Enhancement: Add agreement checkbox to job submission.
    * Fix: Remove unnecessary filter avoiding warning in WP 5.8.
    * Fix: Fix padding on “Apply for job” button.

    Plugin Support lastsplash (a11n)


    Hi @wordpresstecnologia

    For assistance with WP Job Manager, it is best to post a new thread on the support form rather than post questions in the review section. You can do that here:


    That said, we have documentation on how to translate WP Job Manager here:


    Using the plugin Say What? (explained on that page) I was able to translate the “Apply for Jobs” string. This may also work for “Contact Us”. I’d encourage you to give it a try.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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