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  • It was the best support ever 🙂
    many thing I didn’t understand how this plugin works.
    I had infections on server since years!

    Thanks again!

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  • Plugin Author Eli


    Hi @jaroslawistok,
    This is a serious issue that you are reporting and I offer full support for my plugin to make sure that any issues like this are resolved quickly and completely. It is extremely important to me that we help each other set to the bottom on this so that whatever went wrong can be corrected and I can make sure that this does not happen again to anyone else with the same situation as you have here.

    Would you please be willing to work with me to find a solution to this issue that you had? I would like to review the logs from my plugin and any other data that you can give me that might help me fix this issue. I would also like to understand why the recovery link didn’t work for you. Can you please contact me on my own support forum or email me directly for more support?

    eli AT gotmls DOT net

    I knew You will not like this and normally I write first on support forum but in this case I really was annoyed. I took a backup and after this I had a lot of work to actualize many things from backup timestemp. Some thing didn’t work as chat or forum entries.

    I don’t have any logfiles as I backuped from before using your plugin. I don’t want to repeat all this steps. I believed that the recovery works but it didn’t. As I saw that more and more things were changed I restored quarantaine, affere I saw a green test I thought all is ok. But the changes stayed.

    Plugin Author Eli


    Of course I don’t like bad review, who does, but more importantly: I don’t like knowing that there was a potential problem with my plugin that I cannot explain or fix. So I ask for your help in finding the cause of this because it is extremely important for me to get the the bottom of this issue. As you are the only person who has reported this issue I beg you to let me help you with this so that I can personally find a resolution that is satisfactory. Otherwise, something like this could possibly happen to someone else who has a similar situation as you did.

    Mainly, I just can’t get my head around what went wrong with the Restoration from your Quarantine. This is the fail-safe that I have designed to work if all else fails, and I can’t understand from your description how it went wrong. If you truly restored all files from the quarantine and you got the green test results then your site must have been back to the way it was before my plugin cleaned it. Thus, I have to assume that there was some other reason that coincided with the cleaning or the restoring that was responsible for your remaining functionality and layout issues.

    If you would be willing to work with me then you might be surprised at what we will be able to discover. Even if it only uncovers move about how your site was hacked in the first place or what these infected files did to break your site.

    Also, I don’t know why you didn’t contact me at the first sign of trouble, because I could have helped you then to get the proper files recovered and fix the original problem too, and all without relying on your backup (which seems to have caused you some grief as there was still a lot of work to be done even after the backup). All that might have been avoided if you had asked for my help before you completely gave up.

    I know that this all might sound superfluous now but if you will please give me a chance I think will can still salvage something of value for both of us if we work together to better understand what happened. All I ask is that you give me a change to properly support my plugin before you write it off.

    I understand fully your position but understand please also mine. I was in panick, I have maybe 200-300 views a day and i don’t know how quick would have the help come. Normally I wait 1-3 days for answer. Now you react fast but i can’t clairvoyance.

    You expect me to repeat all this steps and for me it is to risky to have this situation again. I know what I did. I let automatically fix. And after seeing changes I restore with green alert for this. I purched a cache ans saw all this failure still. So please understand that don’t want it again. I also have bad experiences from some helper where I gave my user and pass to hear later , sorry. That was. You have only few 1 star opinions, it is not that bad.

    The files in quarantaine weare mostly some . …ico files. I am not sure why the should be so risky and bad and my wp be infected. I also use other plugins like wordfance and ninja scanner.

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    Plugin Author Eli


    I understand that you might not have been able to wait for my response and that you would need act take every action you could to correct the error as fast as possible, but you didn’t even ask for help. I not saying you should have waited for me, I’m only saying that you could have at least reached out.

    As it is now, I am not actually asking for you do all the same damage to your site but rather I am asking if you would be willing to take a nother look at it with me. You may have erased most of the evidence when you restored you backup but maybe not all of it. If there is anything left I’m sure that it can help me piece together what might have gone wrong.

    You can also run the scan again and let me see the results without running the automatic fix, so there will be no risk to you of messing things up again.

    The .ICO files are not dangerous by themselves but they can contain malicious code, and when that code is executed by including the icon files from within other PHP files on your site then you have a real problem.

    I also want to point out that my plugin does not delete these files because that would certainly cause the type of failure that you originally described. Instead my plugin only removes the malicious code and the include lines that execute that code, so it could be that you started to have problems when someone else (or one of those other plugins) deleted those files that were included. That would also explain why the restore failed because my plugin could not put the contents of those files back if the files were no longer there. I am just hypothesizing based on the limited info the you have provided thus far, but if you were willing to try my scan again (without actually allowing it to “fix” anything this time) then I would have a lot more info to go on.

    I am doing this, 20% now. I wonder that it shows already 7 files in quarantaine

    Sorry but it is 3 in the night here so maybe I send it tomorrow.

    Thanks so far 🙂

    Thanks for helping me.
    I see I can’t change rating here 🙁

    Plugin Author Eli


    Thanks @jaroslawistok,
    I just wanted to reply here, publicly, with my general findings and my solution in case it might help anyone else who had this issue. Much thanks for contacting me directly and providing all the info I needed to find the solution!!!

    So, it turn out that my plugin was flagging a file in the “Chaty” plugin as being a malicious threat because it uses an opacity of “0” in the style property to hide a link to their own website (which is exactly like so many SEO Spam hackers do to affect their back-links and your sites reputation). I am still not sure how legitimate this practice is or how exactly they are using this in there code but I have whitelisted this file for now so that it does not cause any more problems for anyone else like it did with @jaroslawistok.

    After further research I found this review where the user complained that it “Puts an advert text and link everywhere”:

    Other than a few complaint the plugin get mostly 5-star review and the author replied to this complaint with “we’ve removed the credit link”, so I’m not sure why they are still using hidden links to promote their site.

    Anyway, my plugin will not break this link any more unless I get more evidence that this is actually malicious, in which case I will then determine how to safely remove this link without causing any errors 😉

    Hi Eli, Gal from Premio here (the makers of Chaty)

    We’ve removed our credit link completely from the codebase a month ago (it’s not just hidden, but completely removed)

    Can you please tell me where can you a link with opacity “0” in the codebase?

    Plugin Author Eli


    Hey @galdub,
    Thanks for chiming in.

    I’ve just checked the current trunk and I only see a couple uses of “opacity:0” in this file:

    d+='<div class="get" style="opacity:0; position: absolute;width: 100%;text-align: center;"> <a href="" target="_blank" style=" font-size: 11px; top: -5px; position: relative; color: #8c8585;">Get Widget</a></div>'

    It looks like you are using opacity to fade DIVs in and out under certain condition so I don’t see this as a malicious usage, that is why I have white-listed this file. It was being flagged before because a single anchor tag in a hidden div that links to an outside site is exactly what SEO Spam links look like ( in general terms ; – )

    @scheeeli nice catch! Thanks for bringing that up 🙂

    Actually this file wasn’t called and had zero impact on the website. We’ve just removed this file and some other unused files, please update to 2.6.1

    Thanks again!

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