• 1: Your plugin has been destroyed site SEO. You added “no follow” code into the your template file. So, this code already destroyed SEO. Please resolve this problem.
    2: Your plugin does not work on Chrome latest vers. I’ve been editing it for good looking.

    3: Does not seen Post head, id , logo, menu etc. on Downlodin page (On Chrome).

    So i hope you will solve all.


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  • Plugin Author Aryan Themes


    Thanks Prob3

    1- We add noindex,nofollow meta tags only on countdown page. Because of the countdown page haven’t special content, it’s better to prevent indexing this page. But in the new version of the clink (1.2.2) we add a new option to moderate seo meta tags of the Clink countdown page.

    2- I’m repair some problems of the countdown page with google Chrome. you can get the new version (1.2.2) for this changes

    3- Yes, countdown page have an Individual template. We have great plans for countdown page in future versions of Clink plugin.

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