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  • I thought I would just ignore the Don’t use HTML in the hovertext in Other considerations in the plugin settings (gotta love users like me who ignore warnings, which is probably the majority).

    The HTML works fine. I looked at the page source in my browser and it seems that it converts the html tags to < and >. That means it’s up to the browser to interpret it or not. I tried it on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge (granted, the latest versions of all of those) and they displayed everything as I had intended. I would suggest instead of the “Dont use HTML” message, that it would say something like “Your mileage may vary if you use HTML in the hovertext.” The developer even accounted for the fact that people would ignore his warning, because there’s a comment in text-hover.php code that says, “If the string to be hovered looks like it could be HTML, then just do true str_replace() and trust the user knows what they’re doing.”

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