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  • Hello, thanks first for looking. I have been running wordpress w/o issue for months until recently I have gotten at least 20 spam comments a day about poker etc etc. I disabled comments, disabled email notification of comments, and still I keep getting spam and notification about it. I have tried the spam key words and etc. Does anyone have a good work around or better a solution? I was also curious b/c I know some sites require you to type in a code from images to verify you aren’t a bot or something, is there a pluggin like that or anyone have an idea how hard that would be to implement with little php knowlege? Thanks again for looking hopefully you can help me solve this annoying problem >_<

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Lots there, including captcha

    That was happening on my dad’s WordPress. Someone input a whole bunch of spam comments without reference to a post. Then when he posted the comments would attach to the posts one at a time. All the time the comments were closed. It is an older version of WordPress. I had to go to to “Edit” and start deleting them. There were so many of them I went to mysql and deleted them at once. It’s as if the spammers learned how to queue up the spams waiting for posts.

    “It’s as if the spammers learned how to queue up the spams waiting for posts.”
    Spammers can download WordPress just like anyone else, and they probably have. They have complete access to the code base and have obviously figured out a way to spread their nonsense.

    Tyvm for the list of spam eaters !! RAWR even if I was interested in online poker after at least 100+ emails about it in 2 days I am not now >_< I am going to go try all of those on the list! Thanks again!

    Don’t worry, my hope is that these scumbag spammers will fear for their lives when mobs of angry people start locating these dirtbags and visiting them.

    I was getting a lot of comment spam. I succeeded in getting all of it into moderation, but I didn’t want a hundred spams to moderate every day. Recently I decided to try putting an extra checkbox on the comment form, and that has worked against the worst bots. Here are my instructions:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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