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    An additional ‘confirm email address’ field in the registration form. A number of times I have had foolish users enter an incorrect email address and then NEVER get their activation email is ridiculous. This is obviously not a failing of Ulitmate Member but there really does need to be a 2nd ‘enter email again’ box to stop this problem.
    If/when someone enters a wrong email, they don;t get the activation and I have to spend a lot of time resetting accounts (as there is no easy way to resend activations or reset or anything on WordPress – another failing of WordPress IMO).

    Please consider this for inclusion in a future UM update.


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  • Of course there should be one (a confirmation email field).

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    Surely it wouldn’t be hard to implement? even if it were possible to create an ’email validation’ via edit forms.

    The real question is, is this necessary? If the UM registration form is HTML5 then there is no need to check if the user’s input is a valid email or url address.

    Now if you allow them to auto-approve, then maybe that’s a problem…

    I’m not talking about a ‘valid’ email, I’m talking about a user inputting their own email incorrectly and registering with an incorrect email address thus never getting their activation email.

    I mean a 2nd email input field that checks the two email fields agree with each other and thows a warning ’emails don’t match’ error.


    You should be able to tweak this sample code to suit your purpose:


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    Actually, that link to that code is useless unless the OP is well versed in cgi-php programming. To create what he wants to do would require modifying the code significantly and adding a new text field via UM form.

    I created one on a test site and as you can see the form would not allow me to submit the registration unless I correct the email address which does not match.

    Email Confirmation Field

    I wonder if anyone would like me to develop a plugin to add this type of field security check with easy instructions for implementation on UM?

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    Hi, Boris V.

    Yes, the user needs to know some PHP to be able to apply the code in the link I sent.

    Yes, I’m sure that everyone would appreciate a plugin for this purpose if you would like to develop it.

    Have a good day,

    Brilliant! Thanks, Boris, this is EXACTLY what I was asking for. Works great too. Thanks again.

    p.s. I wonder if this email confirmation check could also help fight robot sign-ups and spam?

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