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  • I’m more of a mechanic construction kindof guy who love to monkey on the net and computers.

    My blog is boring to say the least, I want to jazz it up as much as possible. I have installed the blog and everythig seems fine.

    I just downloaded the theme blue eq 5, but haven’t messed with it yet. It looks customizable for my snail site. And I really have no Idea what it will be about at this time.

    What happened is I was chatting at a geek forum and ran accross this canadian girl, we have been chatting for a couple years now. I actually like her.

    I have been messin with sites for a while and like the learning how to set em up and she is a writer.

    Well I got her (I pay for) a website and hosting and told her to go wild. I also installed a WP blog for her. And here is the part I need help with. I challenged her to a web site contest.

    Well the challenge and all is fine, I’m pretty sure I can do alright, but on her blog, she, as a writer, started a stupid little story about a possum and snail. Well with the last post I think she crossed over lines of decent competition, and I need help. moosegal dot com/moosedroppings

    OK, so I call her moosegal, as she is from cold canada and all. It’s a long story. So as a kindof friendly joke I got her moosegal dot com and told her to have fun. Well she got serious and I wanted her to really just have fun with the site. That is the gal I came to really enjoy. AAARGH Women LOL.

    So she wants to play rough on the WP blog I was kind enough to set up for her, so I’m hoping I can get some WP savy folks to help me out. snailrider dot com/snailtrails
    (what she calls me at times)

    I think she might be upset at me because I told her I was going to make a Moosedonna video (moose in heels dancing to “like a virgin”)and put it on the site. I can’t really draw so it’s not much of a threat.

    I really don’t want to use her tactics, but more just build an elegant functional blog and set a “good” example so as to bring her good side back out. As I mentioned, she is just getting way to serious.

    I’m going to see if I can get the theme installed now, but Can you guys give me some cool ideas to just really light up my blog?

    Thanks ever so much

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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