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    I’ve searched these forums and the codex, and tried every solution to this problem, but nothing has helped.

    When I go login, or use the posting bookmarklet, I get a blank screen. Same for any other page in wp-admin/.

    I’ve cleared my files, reinstalled, checked my sql, followed ever direction in the login problem page on the codex, etc.

    I am desperate for help. Anything would be great.

    Here’s an account I created for anyone who wants to see if this occurs with them. I have found it to happen between all browsers and on different PCs.
    login: jimmy
    password: 4463ec8

    Shit, I will give my admin password, my ftp, whatever. PLEASE HELP ME. I try to post many times a day, and now can’t even put a post up on my site telling people there is a problem.

    Site is


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  • If you are using K2, the support forum for you is here:

    Is it a theme issue? I thought was a WP issue. I’ll post there too. There’s nothing currently there about it, but hopefully between here and there, someone will be able to help me..

    K2 is not a theme – you should read it on its main page before downloading! It’s a modification of WP. We do not support it because we don’t know anything about it.

    well, i’m not using it and have a circular login issue…it appears the redirect is not working and i’m stuck not being able to get into my admin screen! sucks.

    I deleted K2 and am now using the basic default theme. The problem as stated before is continuing to plague me.
    Please help!

    are all files and the wp-admin folder properly chmodded?
    sounds silly, i know, but you didnt mention it…

    wp-login.php and wp-register.php work,
    but those files are in htdocs/public_html root dir,
    i thought it might be a chmod problem,
    ‘cos as soon as you get redirected by wp-login.php
    to /wp-admin/ it all hangs…

    to test both ways i regged myself,
    so just del member manumanu when
    you figured it out…

    good luck 🙂

    ^^ and is the wp-admin folder itself properly chmodded as well?

    nope, not a chmod issue – at least not for me

    No help, MM. But thanks for trying. I really appreciate it.
    I am in misery now. Been working on it for the last 5 hours, and need to sleep, but this blog is my life, you know?


    then turn your frikkin msn messenger on :p
    i have to go to bed as well, but maybe two eyes
    see more than one and you catch me before i go spooning 😀

    msn adress: frisian /at/

    Crap. Went to bed before I saw this. I’ll add you and hope to see you on later.

    I am having the same problem. Been working on this since yesterday to no avail. If you guys find a solution, please post it here. The problem doesn’t seem to lie with wordpress though, because deleted the database and reinstalled wordpress and still cannot log in…

    odd, i just tried to log in via firefox and it worked perfectly and i got to my dashboard. i had cleared my cache in IE/Avant Browser. looks like it’s time to make the permanent switch 😉

    Wow, I wasn’t even going to try this because it just seemed absurd but you were right! I just fired up firefox and voila! There was the dashboard… Now can someone explain to me why IE won’t log in?

    If only that were my issue….but Firefox is my browser of choice….
    Same issue happens in Opera, IE and Firefox…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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