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  • Unreliable and buggy big time!

    Sorry your desktop LiveChatApp for the Desktop does not work. My girlfriend tried contacting me through my wordpress woocommerce store, I had to refresh the computer desktop app to get the phone ring sound to notify me and start a chat…. I’m not refreshing the app every few hours just to check on it!

    Unacceptable, I have a fast network connection, fast computer, and dedicated server!

    When I end chat with someone, that same person cannot start another chat through the message system.

    You give me the desktop app file to download, after installed, it says it needs an update immediately.

    I could never get the mobile to work, because it says “you have exceeded amount of allowed devices…” Even when I’m logged out of the desktop app for my computer.

    Sorry, not risking my reputation with this unreliable plugin!

    Surprised others are praising this plugin! If you’re relying on the desktop and mobile app to notify you when someone tries contacting you on your site, hope you know you’re just rolling the dice with your reputation, sorry not relying on this plugin…

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  • Plugin Author WP-LiveChat


    Hi MuscleCar59

    I’m sorry you feel this way. If you need to refresh the app or wp-admin page so that you should be notified of an incoming chat then something is definitely going wrong and perhaps we have not had the opportunity to debug the specific variables at play that cause this to happen. I’m sure you can appreciate that our plugin works in an environment that is susceptible to other plugins/themes interfering with the way our code runs and I can understand that you are frustrated, but before slamming our product and our reputation perhaps give us the chance to investigate why this is happening so that we can fix it and not let this happen for other users in the future? After all.. all we want are happy users – we did not create this plugin to frustrate people. If you’re willing to give us a chance to look into this I’d be very appreciative.


    Ok, I’m going to sit around and wait for you guys to debug the desktop app. Sorry, not going to do it.

    This happened multiple times, where the desktop app just isn’t syncing right to people’s support questions! After a few hours of using the app, it just doesn’t respond! When I restart the app on Windows, it picks up the question fine.

    This is your software for the PC, has nothing to do with the themes or plugins on wordpress, which your trying to pin it on obviously. The “wordpress plugin” works fine as is, but we’re not talking about that are we, I’m talking about the $20 I just payed for the desktop app, right? I’m not staying logged into my site and having an extra window open at all times to respond to people’s questions, meanwhile waiting for you guys to fix the app.

    I payed $20 for the desktop app and the mobile app, which obviously has bugs. When people pay for things, they expect solid results right out of the box. Like I said, I download the version you guys give me in the email, then I install it, then it already tells me there’s another update… And the version you guys gave me had bugs in it! That’s very shady in my experience!!!

    My reputation is on the line with my woocommerce store, I’m not risking it because your software is buggy and you want me to wait around for you guys to fix the code.

    If you want happy users, just refund my money and don’t give me a hard time about it. So far this is the 2nd answer from your support team. If you can respond to my questions, you can hit the button on paypal that refunds my $20!

    A lot of you independent software companies need to learn how to honor refunds… I’ve bought plugins on Code Canyon and there’s a great deal of plugins that get abandoned all the time.

    Hmmmm, kind of interesting, I look up your company and refunds on the web, same people have the same problem…

    It’s rather interesting how you’ve responded to my review on instantly within hours, yet you leave 3 members on your forum hanging for days with same problem!

    Please don’t have me escalate this to paypal, refund my money now thank you!

    Receipt number: 4DG766019E740770P

    Plugin Author WP-LiveChat


    I will refund your purchase.
    Do you have a ticket number I can use – I cannot find that receipt number on PayPal.

    Plugin Author WP-LiveChat


    OK I found it. 4DG766019E740770P was the order number on paypal. It has been refunded.

    Ticket ID: 27800

    Thank you!

    Just too many bad experiences where I’m left with a plugin that is unusable, sorry…

    Seems very promising though!

    You’re better off using , it’s truly 100% free, no strings or hidden surprises like this developer seems to throw at us. I’m fedup with WP plug-in developers using the WP platform as a way to make a quick buck, especially when it’s for features they really don’t need to charge for .. like reducing the 10 second wait time, a premium PAID for service? lol .

    Just paid $30 to get the API key for the desktop app. Installed the desktop app pluggin on my WP site and added the API key, it says I am all set. I can finally get past the not verified domain on the desktop app. But now I get “you have exceeded amount of allowed devices” on the desktop app. The thorough documentation (that is a pun) on the desktop apps simply says you should be connected now, try again does nothing, so I have no idea what else I should be doing? The verified domain here is

    The cloud plugin is deactivated on my wp website, as I read from your documentation, I do not need to use it if I don’t want to.

    If I click manage devices in the desktop app I get the portal and a green message my device is approved and to hit try again, but as I have inferred, I always get the same “you have exceeded amount of allowed devices” error.

    What is wrong here?

    You came highly recommended, but thus far, I am just highly frustrated. Incidentally, if I am logged in to wp-admin on my site, and have someone try to chat with me, the wp-live-chat plugin agent does work perfectly. However, I want to chat with clients using the desktop app, not from wp-admin.

    What now?


    Hi Don
    Thanks for getting in touch. The desktop app or mobile app requires the cloud extension to be enabled as it uses the cloud server for all its communication.

    Please also contact me on and put *URGENT* in the message so I can help you further there as we are not allowed to offer pro version support on these forums/

    Sorry for all the frustration caused but I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this quickly.

    Found the same thing – worked fine until I purchased the desktop extension and cloud server extension. The end user gets a Trying to connect message and the desktop app shows nothing even though it approved. The Live Chat page in WordPress shows no activity. Trying to connect my mobile results in an error message saying I have exceeded the amount of devices.
    I raised a support ticket on your support site and received a login to your ticket system except I can’t see my ticket without clicking on a link in an email that never came. I raised a second ticket to follow up and no email.
    I am posting here so I know you will see it as there is a chance you won’t receive the other tickets.
    I have turned off the 2 extensions for now so I don’t miss any sales. This is promising but the amount of bugs I have come across even in reporting bugs is a big worry, especially for a paid product.

    Hi Steven
    I have replied to you on the support desk

    Hi Nick,
    How do I see the reply?
    I am not receiving emails from the support desk

    Sorry, just found them in junk mail

    Excellent support – I will post the outcome.

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