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    My client wants to update themselves, my main aim for this blog. I
    want to have blog content on the left and right side, besides the
    current blog in the center. The previous design that I am modifying
    has the sidebar.php for the bottom Category, Archives and Page. I
    really like the center design and what is in there.

    In the left and right column I would like to have the client add plain
    image ads with target urls. So I am not sure how I do this. Do I need to
    have two more blogs for these two columns, like a multi-blog? Or can I
    have a page from the main blog display only in the left column, or
    right? Could I call the single.php inside the left column? But then
    what php would I call in the right column?

    Or could I just place a couple of these in both the left and right column
    <?php the_meta_image(); ?>
    But then wouldn’t it be the same image?

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  • Try the theme Journalized Blue as an example. If you are just wanting to show the ads you shouldn’t need another ‘page’. You could write a small PHP Function to display your ad

    show_my_ad() {
    echo '
          add your ad code here
    then in your sidebar you could call it
    <li><?php show_my_ad(); ?></li>

    But these images (ads) have to be changed by the client through the WordPress dashboard. Can that happen with this code? It seems like I would have the code the sidebar or column each time with the new image.

    There is a ad rotator in the could search for that. Anything is possible with some PHP and MySQL knowledge.

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    I recommend installing Sidebar Widgets. Makes it easy to change the sidebars using just the Dashboard.

    I added first the Sidebar Widgets and then the Ad Rotator. There is blank fields inside the Ad Rotator when I open them. Nor can I drag and drop an image into them. This means each time the image has to be coded in. My client will not be able to do this.

    I was hoping the sidebar would be similar to the blog where all I have to do is upload an image of a certain size into the left and right column. And it is there!

    Do you mind sharing the theme you are using? For context use so we can help you a little better? And what kind of deadline are you looking at? I am current working on a PM system for WordPress and a file upload manager plugin for WP. You can contact me on yahoo with ID: dremation or MSN with Im on messangers 24/7

    I started out with Flirtatia and want to add the left and right columns on the grey background. The left and right columns being ads with a url link.

    I found some good css code for the left and right columns off of

    But now I need to figure out how to call the php file to load the images and url addresses using the write section of WordPress. I am thinking it just has to be a page. So I need to call a page which can be “written” through the dashboard by my non-technical client. Upload a picture and a url target, good to go.

    I need to have this completed by August 29th, in full running mode with all text in place.

    I’m not into messengers yet, being only on dialup. Online time is precious.

    Ok, with the theme you are usig you need to:

    Create 2 sidebar php files.


    At the end of you index.php file include this

    that should give you the sidebars that you are wanting. Now you will need to code the sidebars behavors in there respected files.

    Now, about control images from the Dash. You are going to have to write a plugin. I suggest you read this

    I have changed my theme to start with a three column layout. For an image plugin to go in the sidebar, I plan to use IImage Browser. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to call for the specific image in the sidebar.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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