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  • lynx13



    I am currently switching from greymatter to wordpress. When I used greymatter, there was something like an index for the archive. Inside this file you had

    1) an overview about EVERY post, beginning with the oldest and ending with the newest on top

    2) an overview about the monthly archives.

    Does anyone know the php-commands for doing this?

    e.g.: I have ten entries and I want to have them one after another in the upper section of my php-template and the monthly archives below.

    Maybe someone already did this before. I am looking forward for your tips and hints!

    Thank you very much!


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  • moshu


    The first thing to do when switching from another platform: forget how that one worked. Don’t try to find features to “mimic” the old behaviour… (I also switched from GM, long time ago 🙂

    WP has all kind of archive features (but don’t call it “index” WP has only 1 index). Get familiar with WP, try different themes (some of them have excellent archiving features), read the Codex.

    Clicking on a month name in the sidebart > you got the monthly archive. What and how is displayed on it – you change it by editing the template file.



    I like wordpress and how it is designed. But I really want to have this portal for my archive!

    Does nobody know how I can do this?



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