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  • Hey everyone.

    I’m new to wordpress and am coming from a designers perspective. I have had major mental blocks getting my head around the concept of themes for cms systems like wordpress for a couple of years now and everytime i’ve made an attempt to create a theme i think my main problem is trying to get the concept design for a theme from photoshop to the actual cms…in this case wordpress. (note, i’ve given up in frustration on my previous attempts). One of my major mental blocks is trying to figure out some things that i want to be ‘static’ pages with specific designs and other pages which i know will have dynamic content like a news or blog section within a site which the client would use worpress to maintain. I mean, I can visualize this in my head even when designing the theme in photoshop, but when it comes to implementation and all that code it becomes pretty chaotic and intimidating real quick. I realize that I need to get a better grasp on the fundamental functionality of how wordpress (and any cms) actually works, which is the reason why i am posting this to see if anyone can help me understand this a bit better or maybe from a different perspective for designing a site for worpress. I am being forced to figure this out…but willingly 🙂

    I have created a design for this site i am going to make using wordpress. I have it all worked out i think/hope as far as the structure and with consideration as how some things i know will be static pages with minor page design changes with the rest of the site (ie, portfolio section).

    Site structure:
    – Home
    (note: i would like the sub-divs on this page not to reload the entire page)
    – heading image which changes for every page (including sub-div-pages on ‘home’
    — ‘mission’ (static div-subpage without reload)
    — ‘strategy’ (static div-subpage without reload)
    — ‘marketing mix’ (static div-subpage without reload)
    — ‘your value’ (static div-subpage without reload)
    — ‘rational’ (static div-subpage without reload)
    —- (sidebar) > news blurbs (linked to news stories)
    – News (dynamic)
    – About (static)
    – Portfolio
    — static subpages for individual client portfolio showcase
    – Blog (dynamic)
    – Contact (static form)

    ok, so basically my question is to try to determine/understand how to think about what elements i want to be static and what elements i know i will be dynamic using wordpress and how to integrate that into the site using wordpress and if it is possible.

    here is the initial photoshop design of what i am thinking for the design:

    *edit addition: another perspective i wanted to express was from another cms which makes a lot more sense to me as far as creating a design from a designer perspective to implementation into the cms…this is frogcms. although i have a better grasp as far as understanding how to make a page in frog, it doesn’t have the functionality and community support as wordpress has and what my client is requesting…so wordpress is the answer for this client i am creating the site for.

    another thing i was thinking about was let’s say i’d want to create a main navigation bar totally with images…is this possible?

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