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  • Hi, it’s my first time designing a child theme based off another (a few years back in secondary school, I used to design themes from scratch), so I’d appreciate any advice.

    Firstly, I need to decide on a framework/parent theme to base on. I’m considering between the default twentytwelve WordPress theme, Bones, Underscores, and Themematic. I understand that the term “framework” is ambiguous – some take it to mean a framework library that does NOT function as a standalone theme at all, while others perceive it to mean a parent theme. Following the former definition, twentytwelve and Bones are NOT frameworks (I’m not too sure about Underscores), while Themeatic is.

    Next, which is better: LESS or SASS. It’s my first time trying out a CSS precompiler, but I am familiar and comfortable with regular CSS. I read that SASS is more powerful but less easy to pick up? I’m not too sure. (Although LESS’s website does look better!)

    Also, I definitely want my theme to be responsive (mobile is the new BIG thing). I understand Bones and twentytwelve are responsive by default, and am not too sure about the others. But I’d like to try implementing a responsive system/framework (whatever it’s called) for the experience. Apparently there are a LOT of options (320 and up, Twitter Bootstrap, Skeletons, etc.) Are any better than the others? And isn’t a mobile-first, responsive website supposed to scale down content delivered as screen size decreases? How do I write the code that determines what to display as screen size decreases? Are there any documentation specific to WordPress sites?

    Edit/update: i found this ( Can anybody comment if this is a good/stanfatd practice for WordPress theme development? Also, the mobile-first concept involves adding content as screen size increases; but for WordPress sites, content remains largely unchanged, right? So I’m just thinking if a mobile-first design philosophy is really that crucial for WordPress theme design.

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