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  • Well I’ve given up, I can’t do CSS I found tables easier to work with, but I just can’t get my head around the CSS so if anyone is interested in building a theme/design for a couple of sites for cash then let me know at

    sekhu dot net at gmail dot com

    I’m not rich, but I should be able to pay a reasonable amount for the work. the request may be a little complicated, I’m not sure but since I can’t do the job myself I’d welcome some help on this.


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  • Yes you can! It took me awhile, but I finally did it. I had a table-based layout for the longest time. If you start out with one of Root’s templates, you’ll do just fine!

    That being said, you can contact me and I will try to help you out. You are lucky that I have vacation coming up and not a lot to do.


    Well thank you Joni. 🙂

    Question: if somebody added a list to the codex of all theme developers willing to do custom themes for cash, would it a) be a helpful way of stopping the same question being asked on a semi-daily basis, b) the loss of a valuable learning opportunity for those currently being told to make their own templates instead, or c) just plain evil because everyone knows free as in speech should also be free as in beer?

    It would be d. Unpopular just because we suggested it 🙂

    hmm is this a party political broadcast? Didn’t the elections were on for at least another month…..

    Anyone who knows what OSS is should also know the differences between OSS and free, so (c) isn’t too much of a concern – generally speaking, for the most part, etc.

    (b) is definitely something to consider, but there are always situations where someone simply does not have the time and/or ability to do their own theme. Case in point – I can’t draw to save my life, but I have good eye for layout and colour, so I’m creating a theme. It’s taking forever because I can’t draw, but I know exactly what I want to see – just takes me a while to get there. If I had $50 or $100 to pay someone to develop the layout I want so it looks like it’s meant to look the way it looks, I’d be happy 🙂

    (a) yes and no. There is currently no in-depth FAQ to my knowledge, and I do see *many* of the same questions being asked over and over again. If someone with a couple hours a day to spend on it for a week or so would start one in the Codex, I suspect it would quickly be linked to from the Support page here as a “first-stop” resource for people with problems or questions. At the same time, with regards to Themes, there is *plenty* of documentation on how to build them and tons of examples of what you can do with them. Education is always the first choice of the intelligentia.

    And you could always do a search for “wordpress AND blog AND designer” and you’d be amazed at the number of designers’ sites and/or blogs and testbeds are revealed. Never hurts to ask ’em.

    But throwing out the query may also snag someone who, while not a designer by trade, may be willing to do the work gratis for a linkback or the publicity and good will it may generate. Because I know there are tons of really great designs out there done by people who have never accepted a penny for “web design services.” And this guy is one of them, designing only for himself, and I think his designs are gorgeous. I’m sure he’s not the only such person out there, you just have to find them!

    The wonderful thing about the WordPress community is that inate urge to get into the thing and break it. The finest theme in the world can go up. Two minutes later a guy will be here trying to list his cats a** backwards or something. It is part of the WordPress experience. 🙂

    Now, you wouldn’t happen to be speaking from your OWN experience, would you?! ;->


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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