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    Please could you help me? I’m looking for a WordPress developer for two projects I have on.

    So, what's this all about?
    I'm a Digital Project Manager in the UK (London based), I have a client in the US (Virginia), who's looking for a simple site and wants to own the final theme (first project).

    First project
    The first is very basic - I want a theme similar to this - following the spec below
    I believe this is customised from a Brian Gardner theme, but I’m unsure which one.

    The second project is more complex, but the question is simple
    Is WordPress powerful enough to build a basic jobs board on? I've seen that Brian Gardner has created a basic Real Estate theme, so it must be possible to produce a jobs board. Is it?
    This is a site I worked on a few years ago, and I like the design/template - could it be copied using WordPress?
    - What would it cost to build a simple little jobs board using WordPress?
    - Jobs can either be posted via the CMS or via a posting tool like BroadBean, which ever is easier.

    Please let me know what you think or if you could point me to someone who could help me?
    (NB referenced required)

    Many thanks

    Neill Emmett

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  3. richardbaxter
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    Hi Neill - few resources you might find useful

    I created this basic "jobs board" page http://seogadget.co.uk/seo-jobs/ using a WP category page. Code here: http://seogadget.co.uk/jobs-board-functionality-wordpress/

    You could also try the Jobpress plugin.

    Best bet might be to spec out the exact functionality you need and get a custom theme built. WordPress is easily powerful enough for an SME jobs board - though if you're scaling up then nearly everything you'll be building will be custom (broadbean etc).

    You could use Gravity Forms to do a job submission (which will post directly to a draft page inside WP) - I like the plugin a lot, though it requires a little CSS styling to get the form to look right.

    Hope that's useful

    Hope that's useful,

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