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  1. pixel_dust
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I'm a artist/designer by trade and I must say, while I CAN code it takes a great deal of brain power on my part. I'd much rather hook up with a coder and pass my illustrator/photoshop file onto them to spice up and code.

    So my question is this... is anyone interested? Right now I'm just looking for someone to spice/code a blog for myself but it's only fair to offer a custom design for that person as well. So whaddya say? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?

    I'm also open to the possibility of starting some sort of partnership in a custom-theme site... but that's putting the cart ahead of the horse.

    Serious inquiries only please.
    Email me at vanessadawngardner@gmail.com

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