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  • neilwmackey


    Love the plugin! One question, we have 4 designated funds set up, is there a way to configure the plugin to either:

    a.) Have a particular fund visible by default. I realize that the shortcode is general to all donations, but would like to have a way to create separate form pages that default to their specific designated fund. I think others may benefit from this feature as well.

    b.)or, if that is not possible, at least have the fund designation drop down visible by default without having to check the “i would like to designate to a specific fund” box. I think donors may miss that check box, and never see the drop down.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Allen Snook


    I can add an option to the shortcode that preselects a specific designated fund – expect this in the next release



    Fantastic! I have searched high and low and Seamless Donations fits the needs of charitable organizations quite nicely. The Tribute Gift component was really sweet to see, as I was prepared to break it to my client that such a feature just wouldn’t be in any off-the-shelf product, but there it was.

    Thanks for the quick reply on this feature request.



    Which version includes the shortcode for preselecting the designated fund? This is exactly the feature we need.

    Also, is this a feature for including terms and conditions text?


    The pre-selected fund attribute will be added in the release after next. Sorry for the delay (adding international and currency support took more effort than I thought.)



    Hi Allen,
    We have an older version of SD (Version with the item functionality implemented.

    [dgx-donate-link item=1734]Pay your registration fee online[/dgx-donate-link]

    Did you also write this version?


    Hi runamuk0

    Versions before 2 were all hand crafted / bespoke versions (very different code than what we have now) – and it did not have the short code style you cite – I am thinking maybe another developer has added that to your version for you?

    The first version released to the public here on was 2.0.2



    Is this functionality still possible? I’d love a drop down menu allowing people to select where their donation would go. All I’d need is the ‘donation received’ email to include what they’ve selected as their choice.

    is there a way on the backend (actual script) to have “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund automatically checked”? I have no problem changing code if you can point me in the right direction..

    well found a little work around:
    in dgx-donate.php
    added checked here:
    Line 511: $output .= “<input type=’checkbox’ checked id=’dgx-donate-designated’ name=’_dgx_donate_designated’/>”;

    not the best solution, but will work till the next version comes out..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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