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[Resolved] Design restrictions on pages

  • cscmpcharlotte


    I am a novice at developing websites but have been experimenting with WordPress and using Celestial Lite version. Underneath the banner image, how can I split the screen into two columns so that some of my information is on the left (typically info that won’t change regularly) and then on the right (a an area that will change every few weeks, for event updates, etc.) We don’t have a blog, but are using this site for informational purposes and I can’t figure out how to manipulate the pages like you would MS Word or Powerpoint, which I realize is not the same. Thanks for any help.

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    Not quite sure where exactly you want to do the split (2 column) change, or if this would just be on the front page, but basically if you look at my demo site: http://demo.styledthemes.com/celestial-free/ you will notice I have 4 image columns showing. These are 4 widget positions that are dynamic which means if you had just two there, they would auto resize to be 50% each. Likewise, if you go 3 widgets, they would be like 33% each. The other option is to use inline columns, and on the demo site for this theme, under the Features menu link, there is a page showing what you can do with these.



    Thanks for the feedback. I see under the widgets section what you are referring to. My next question is how do I edit those widgets positions? For instance, I see “Front Page Top 1”, “Front Page Top 2”, etc. How do I get to these to edit them with images and text? They are activated on my ride sidebar under the widgets page, but I can’t see to figure out how to manipulate them. Thanks again for your help.

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    Actually, if you drag a widget into any of those positions, such as a text widget, you title it to what you want and it will show there. The titles I have on the demo are just that, the titles I made when I dragged a widget into those positions. Then if you want images, this is done with basic html such as:

    <img src=”path to your image” alt=”short description”/>

    With a text widget, you can enter almost anything in them. Another option if you want more feature ability just like creating a post or page, instead of using a text widget, you can use one that is a plugin called Black Studio Tinymce Widget which is a text widget but with a full content editor attached to it. Might want to check it out. But to give you a quick start, here is the first widget on the demo site code I used in a text widget:

    <div class="post-thumbnail" style="margin-top:10px; padding:6px;"><img class="center" src="http://demo.styledthemes.com/celestial-free/wp-content/uploads/fp-responsive.jpg" alt="responsive" /></div><h3>Fully Responsive</h3><p>Celestial is a fully responsive WordPress theme for you to enjoy viewing your website in your favourite mobile device. I've incorporated the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework to give you more flexibility whether you are on a desktop or an iPhone.</p>



    Out the part of the widget, I have to activate something in the theme manager?
    what would this option in the customization of the theme, so it appears on the main page the widget “Left Sidebar Blog”.
    I want to leave my site like the 4-demonstration of the widget!

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    Narakam…not quite sure I understand what you are trying to say…also, if this is something different from the topic, best to start a new topic thread. But the front page on the demo for Celestial Lite is using the Front Page Widgets only template, then each of those widgets with the image and text below each are in widget positions Front Page Top 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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