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  • Hello. I am just creating my first site in wordpress. Now I can not even find the database but I put an answer out in the topic below.

    I wonder, as I am a happy graphical designer, I want to design my own site. Can I do this with WordPress? Right now I just want to try it out because many people say it is a good script, but do I have to use themes, do all wordpress sites look sort of alike?

    Cause I want to create my own graphical look, just with wordpress as the main window of the site, for posting news, comments and polls.

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  • You can make your own design and WP sites can look very different. So “all” you have to do is to start creating a theme using CSS/XHTML and can do whatever (almost ๐Ÿ˜‰ you want.

    alright, what I want to know is, if I lets say, create an iframe I want the news to appear in, what do I link to?

    what is the url of the wordpress news, is it the index file or another one?

    basically I want to create my own header, and a menu below it or on the left side, then I want to have the wordpress news appear in the main section, which is below my header

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    Whatever news you want to appear on your site must offer an RSS feed and many do. You need to install a RSS feed reader into the layer or frame you want to show news. The reader will give you choices of just headlines or headlines and story, etc.

    Much of this can be controlled with style sheets (CSS). An example of HTML code . . .
    `<span class=”newheader1″>TITLE YOU GIVE NEWS FEED</span><span class=”style53</span><span class=”newheader1″>

    <script src=”″ type=”text/javascript”></script>

    In the code above the feed is being provided by Newsgator with their free website reader.

    I want to design my own site. Can I do this with WordPress?
    You can design, of course, the look of your site as you want.
    I hope you didn’t mean that you want to do the design work with WP. You have to make it FOR WordPress. You have to design your own WP theme.
    BTW, Even for a graphic designer putting something in an iframe is a sloppy job…

    thats the thing, I’m not a coder but a designer
    I design the website in photoshop – chop it up and put it back together mostly by using tables and stuff

    I know this is an outdated way of doing it, but I don’t know the better way, with css and stuff. ยจ

    Now why people are replying to this post, how can I get the name of my database?

    It’s perhaps time to learn a bit about CSS etc.

    You should have received the name of the database from the company that is hosting your web site, along with user and password. It should also be entered in the wp-config.php file.

    Never mind that question. I found out they had this thing called Fantastico, which already has a wordpress setup in it just by a buttonclick.

    However, I downloaded a theme, and I can’t seem to edit it’s colors without it going berserk on me.

    Well, if you don’t want to get into coding… your only option is to get somebody to code your PS “image” into a WP theme.
    I know it can be done since I did similar jobs…

    I give up to WordPress. It doesn’t give as much freedom to me as I thought, the code is way to advanced for me with only rookie skills in putting together websites.

    I found this kick ass theme called Linux Force. I’m gonna edit all the pictures there and try to get into changing some colors.

    It doesn’t give as much freedom to me as I thought,

    Do you want an honest opinion?
    – WP gives you more freedom in design than you could ever imagine… you are just lacking the skills, at this moment. We all were at that point a while ago.
    Now we’ve learned.

    WP gives you more freedom in design than you could ever imagine

    I second that! I haven’t found a layout yet that I couldn’t turn into a WordPress theme. If you can imagine it, WP can pound it out, no problem.

    alright, took a while to get into, but now I have to say I agree, there is very much freedom to wordpress and it has not stopped from getting the design I wanted.

    I do believe some designs can not be done in WordPress though, but that does not hurt mine. Only thing is, some codes are a bit hard to locate and can create a problem if you want this specific rare thing to look like this instead of that.

    I do believe some designs can not be done in WordPress though

    I agree – but it’s CSS in general and not WordPress.

    Alright, this is what I ended up with
    Quite happy with the way it turned out.

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