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  • Hello community,
    I found that using a query cat=n & w=n works as “Plus” not like “AND”.
    So it actually does not boil down the outcome to just all of cat “n” in week “n” but using a week or a month and a category. I switched off all plugins and the behaviour does not alter so it seems to be system core. My question to the community or the developers: Is this bug or feature ? If feature, can it be altered and how ?
    Best regards and thx in advance. BTW I am really ****ed here, because I build a business blog for exact the reason to have a good category support….:-/

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  • Solved: Strange behaviour with “w” (week).
    Problem was: uncontrollable behaviour if&when “week=x” was used with some other query like “cat=x”
    Delete “intval($w) ||” in Line 242 of wp-blog-header.php

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