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  1. DanielMeyerBlog.Com
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Whenever I link the homepage of my blog on say Facebook, it seems to always post my recent blog post as the description for my blog. I know this is kind of a lame question, but how do I set up a permanent description when I link the homepage? If I link a post it works just fine, seems to be just my homepage I need help with. Please help me out because I'm not seeing where to do this at. The site is Daniel Meyer Blog.Com

    Thank you so much!

    Daniel Meyer

  2. Try putting in a meta description to your theme's header.

    Though Facebook is really techy about that :/

  3. Tim Griffin
    Posted 4 years ago #


    What I would recommend is installing an SEO plugin:
    WordPress SEO by Joost is a superb option.

    Once you install this plugin, you have the ability to set a homepage description in the SEO settings.

    That way, when you link from Facebook or other sharing websites they can pick up your homepage meta description.

    It'll help you out a lot too once you install and configure the WordPress SEO plugin :-)


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