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    Hi Tareq – thanks for a very nice Plug In.

    We are using it here

    I need to make the textarea under description very simple. Need to remove the “Add Media” and buttons “b” “i” “link” etc.

    The reason is that our mobile (smartphone) users are getting confused, and hitting the wrong keys and ending up messing the post.

    Is there any quick and easy edit you can suggest (I am guessing somewhere in wpuf-add-post.php) to accomplish that.

    Help much appreciated. Thanks,


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  • ok guys – for others who might be interested, we kind of figured this ourselves

    In wpuf-add-post.php and wpuf-edit-post.php

    Go to call $editor = wpuf_get_option( ‘editor_type’ );
    then add
    $editor = ‘null’
    which forces an unknown editor triggering a default simple editor to render.

    A hack to get around to what we were after.

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