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    Please point out the simple method to accomplish option number 1 & 2.
    1. Take the whole website data to cloud storage.
    2. Only upload media files to cloud storage.

    do i really need the clouse for 2nd option?
    is Clouse free or any price?

    to many concepts to understand yapixx Clouse wp2cloud
    what to do where to start?

    apologies if others dont agree! i need to learn alot to start..

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  • Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    Hi Muhammad,

    Thank you for your questions!

    do i really need the clouse for 2nd option?

    The 2nd option can be useful if you have some other data protection solution for your relational data, but you still want to take advantage of cloud storage to store and serve your media files.

    is Clouse free or any price?

    We have not finalized the pricing policies for the GA build of ClouSE. However the price is going to be comparable with what customers pay for the backup software today. Please contact us for more details.

    to many concepts to understand yapixx Clouse wp2cloud

    Yapixx – an acronym for Yet Another Picture Sharing Site. Yapixx is ready-to-run WordPress on cloud storage, that is configured as a picture shared site to serve as a starting point for your own beautiful yet powerful dynamic Website that seamlessly gets the benefits of cloud storage. Yapixx along with its source code is available on a fully configured FREE machine image.

    ClouSE – the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that is designed and optimized from ground up to utilize cloud storage such as Amazon S3 to store relational and blob (a.k.a. structured and non-structured) data. ClouSE provides fully functional, transactional and ACID-compliant relational data management on top of cloud storage.

    WP2Cloud – WordPress To Cloud. WP2Cloud is a plugin that extends WordPress to store media files (such as pictures) on the cloud storage. WP2Cloud plugin source code and documentation are freely available for download.

    See more at

    what to do where to start?

    Please check out the following presentations:

    Quick response Appreciated Sir!

    I am on a shared host (no root access to machine)
    I am Using W3 Total Cache with Cloudfront. and quite satisfied with it Page loads supper fast.

    and i want Only my wp-upload folder in Google or S3.

    Next I will think about Moving the Mysql in cloud if it will be really easy to do.

    I want to keep things simple and easy for me. dont want to hire a technical person to troubleshoot in future.

    So now do you still recommend me the plugin?

    I have visited all above links before posting but could not get it because its advance subject to me.

    poor English. 🙂

    Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    Thank you for your questions. Let me know if this helps:

    WordPress-to-Cloud solution relies on Cloud Storage Engine (ClouSE) in order to offer remote cloud storage at performance and security of the local storage; that it in addition to the benefits of cloud storage.
    You already know that cloud storage is ultra-scalable, amazingly durable, highly available, it also either acts as a CDN or easily integrated with CDN solutions – that is all at very affordable cost.

    Many of users of our plugin go all the way to the cloud (setup # 1). Others use ClouSE in setup # 2 in order to store and serve files from the cloud storage (see above – cloud storage is just that attractive). When you have a lot of files using cloud storage is a often natural choice.
    Also WP2Cloud is one of the very few solutions (and this is the feedback that we get from our customers) that is in active development, well supported and just works, once configured.

    Agree, configuration is still somewhat not straight forward for less technical audience, as you’ve rightfully noticed. We are figuring out how streamline it further. That is why your feedback is well-taken, feel free to point out specific pain points to us and we promise to make it better.

    >shared hosting
    That might create difficulty as you’ll need more control over your environment to use WP2Cloud. I’d say you basically have two easy options:
    1) use a more advanced hosting plan (with root access, likely a VPS) and stay with your hoster
    2) or move the website hosting to the cloud entirely.
    Sometimes it might be worthwhile to have a discussion with the hoster whether they are open enabling ClouSE for you.

    >first steps to get WP2Cloud running
    On Amazon AWS or Google Cloud hosting, the easiest way to start would be to spin off your instance of the ready-to-run image that we prepared. This Virtual Machine image is just a file that contains the latest versions of LAMP stack + admin tools + WordPress + WP2Cloud components.
    When you launch your own instance from this template, you’ll see the configuration UI form that will take all Cloud Storage configuration parameters, plumbs them to in order to configure instance (alternatively you can pass all config params as a metadata for the instance). After this step is complete, you can now customize this instance to your liking and build your own site. This image becomes your golden image – take a snapshot of it when you are done installing plugins. This image (and your passwords) is the only thing that you need to restore your side – as all the site data is in a cloud.

    Depending on circumstances, some of WP2Cloud users needed additional help in migrating sites to the cloud. We oftentimes recommend to work with WordPress solution provides to assist in site migration. And we’ll happy to recommend the one we’ve worked with on several projects

    Please keep us posted on your decision or if you have more questions.

    That really kind of you Sir.
    I found the answer of the questions Thanks.

    I tested one of bitnami Stack and wordpress is installed, all my files and database is in AWS cloud (Safe and Fast). Then why do i need a plugin?

    Why not just Virtual Machine -> LAMP stack + wordpress only?

    Infact I dont want to miss the benefit of using Wp2Cloud and the technologies related with it. but i dont know what the actual benifit is.


    Today a Launched a Test Micro instance in amazon Using Yapixx image.
    Cool I got my site up and running in few minutes.

    but still waiting answer to my question what is the Role of your plugin.

    one thing i noticed that its not using AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) like some. and i think Mysql data is in not in machine’s drive its in bucket. Right?

    Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    >Cool I got my site up and running in few minutes.
    Congrats! Glad to hear that.

    >bitnami image
    Bitnami offers prepackaged stacks with WordPress that help reduce the time to launch a website to Amazon AWS cloud. But Bitnami WordPress uses local storage both for the database and for uploads.

    WordPress-to-Cloud (WP2Cloud) and Cloud Storage Engine (ClouSE) can be used to complement Bitnami or any other stack. It can safely be installed on top of such images and configured to access cloud storage (such as Amazon S3).

    (Or you can use Yapixx\WordPress-on-S3 AMI that in addition to LAMP & WordPress also preinstalls ClouSE and WP2Cloud plugin.)

    >Amazon RDS
    You are correct in saying that ClouSE doesn’t use Amazon RDS.
    Amazon RDS today is effectively a standard MySQL that will store your database at the local (Amazon EBS) storage and only will take backups and snapshots to Amazon S3. Amazon AWS WordPress instance relying on Amazon RDS will still store media files on the local to the instance storage and as such will depend on the instance resources to serve the files; and instance backup will need to be handled separately from Amazon RDS that stores the site’s database.

    WordPress-to-Cloud solution stores all data, database and media files, on highly durable Amazon S3 and uses highly scalable Amazon S3 to serve the files. With this approach you have a unified scalability, backup and availability story for the whole site.

    Very nice to have your answers.

    my feedback first paragraph on description page can be revised so that non technical people may understand it easily. may drive more popularity to your awesome plugin.

    This kind of plugins are not less important than Akismit (default first plugin). most of cloud services are providing free trial period followed by a pay as you go payment model. enough for a blogger to start their sites in cloud for free.

    if these are easy to understand can gain popularity among average developers.

    Thanks for your kind Help.

    I will open new threads as i keep experimenting.

    Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    Appreciate your feedback. Please keep it coming.

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