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  • i have a piece of code i did for a small blog system i keep for the company i work for which look up urls in comments and creates an md5 hash stored in a mysql table so that all urls leaving the site in comments are redirected thru a page not indexed by google.
    i’m thinking of implementing this in my wp install since i don’t want the comments in my blog messing with google’s pagerank.
    is this something wp will be adding in the future? of course i could make a plugin out of it…

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  • I think it should be up to Google to decide what ‘messes’ with it’s pagerank. 🙂

    no, it’s up to *you* if you want urls left by commenteers escalading the google pagerank because of your site.
    i think it’s much tiddier leaving urls in comments bare no relation to your site, since it’s not you posting (endorsing) them.

    I’m with you. Why should comment spammers get to use our sites as a stepping stone to boost their pagerank?

    why cant we simply have url forwarding service and end the debate!
    we keep the links adn there is no google linking enhancements…

    any kind of url fowarding (which could and should be optional) in the comment content would be cool with me.

    I’d like to send my vote for this feature, too. My old MT blog became swamped with spam comments because the spammers wanted the extra page rank. I’m leery of simply allowing links without redirection.

    PageRank-flow fairness. Couldn’t come up with a better expression myself.
    Again, i have the code ready here. Only it asks for a new table where the md5 hash – to real URI relation is stored…

    I’ve packaged this whole thing as a plugin.
    I’m kind of new to the process of this. Do I add this to the Wiki or elsewhere or what?
    Here’s the URL, if you’d like to download it:

    but as far as i know in wordpress, comment section url contains nofollow attribute

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    ravi1: Yes, but being as this thread is over two years old, that may not have been around back them. 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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