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    I just (also) discovered the plugin tinyWYM editor, which in theory is a fantastic thing to work in combination with this plugin. No HTML would get munged, but also working in the visual editor would be easy on a markup level (i.e. my less-techy colleague could work only in Visual, and I could work in both modes).

    The problem is, that when this plugin is active, the Alt-Click + Alt-Shift-Click features of tinyWYM are no longer reachable – nothing happens. I’ve posted the problem also at tinyWYM, but mayhap you also have a drop on what’s happening?



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  • Update:
    The plugin combination:
    – TinyMCE Advanced (rather than WP-Edit)
    – tinyWYM Editor
    – Preserved HTML Editor Markup Plus
    does work!


    The plugin combination:
    – WP-Edit
    – tinyWYM Editor
    – Preserved HTML Editor Markup Plus

    actually does work – seems like I was tired and maybe holding Ctrl rather than Alt.

    BUT with WP-Edit and switching Visual <=> Text modes, Shortcodes are wrapped in <p> tags.

    So back to “TinyMCE Advanced” – BUT there is also a problem here switching Visual <=> Text modes:
    1. The 1st time I go from Visual to Text I see in the text quite a number of “<!–mep-nl–>” – fair enough.
    2. But if I keep jumping between tabs, then each time empty “code” tags are added, like this:
    <!–mep-nl–><code style=”display: none;”><code style=”display: none;”><code style=”display: none;”><!–mep-nl–>

    What can be causing this? Must I really always stay in Visual mode or can this problem be fixed?

    I’ve continued working on the tinyMCE topic, and have found out that basically “WP Edit” and “tinyMCE Advanced” are both great plugins – IF you don’t try adding other plugins like tinyWYM or Preserved HTML Editor Markup Plus. Then all goes wonky.

    The “others” seem to get on with each other. So what I have just now ended up with is:

    • TinyMCE Advanced Professional Styles. This allows you to put own styles into the “Styleselect” dropdown, and to register a stylesheet used by theme and editor (so you get to see the applied styles in both). It’s outdated and buggy (I fixed 2 of 4 bugs) but does the job I wanted.
    • Preserved HTML Editor Markup Plus, which allows to toggle between visual and text tabs without any munging.
    • Visual Editor Custom Buttons, which allows one to add buttons to tinyMCE toolbars, which wrap the current selection in anything you configure. This gets around the problem that otherwise tinyMCE block level actions always either wrap, or apply to the current block element, i.e. not allowing to wrap a marked selection in a new tag.
    • tinyWYM Editor, which shows the block (container) structure.
    • This is all fine, except that a number of additional features of tinyMCE, those not supplied by native WordPress, are not available. I.e. those activated by the plugins which cause problems with the others I need. To get around that I use Advanced TinyMCE Config from Andrew Ozz. This allows me to directly configure the plugins and toolbars. The only problem was with the missing tinyMCE plugins. As a HORRIBLE hack I simply copied them into the standard WordPress directory for them via FTP, and added them in the “plugins” setting. As I said, horrible – but works a charm. This way you get the plugins loaded and available in the toolbar, without all the well-intentioned but sometimes nasty things that WP Edit and tinyMCE Advanced do.

      Marking this as resolved.

      Cheers, Tim

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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