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    I’ve already fond another post mentioned this problem, it was a few months ago and you answered that this issue is fixed in a version that was also published a few months ago. Sadly, the problem is not fixed, the deprecated code is still in the files as of version 3.12.5.

    I hope you guys can fix this asap in a future version.

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  • Plugin Support Saurabh – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @faktorvier

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the error on our lab sites with version 3.12.5, could you help us with some additional information to make sure our team performs a further check on this? The info would be the following:

    • The complete entry where this error/warning is showing.
    • The current WordPress and PHP versions.
    • The results you get with a conflict test (create a backup, deactivate all plugins except Smush and switch to a basic theme like Twenty Twenty Two.

    Thanks in advance for your collaboration on this matter.

    Kind regards


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    Hi @wpmudev-support7

    • In the backend on any page
    • We use PHP 8.1

    The part that you can’t reproduce does not make any sense, because the deprecated code is in your plugin. Just look into the plugin version 3.12.5 and search for FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING. You’ll find a few lines that use this constant. This constant is deprecated since 8.1 (see https://www.php.net/manual/en/filter.filters.sanitize.php). If you look into youre code and check the lines that those constants are used, you maybe can reproduce the problem better.

    All in all, even though this problem may be random and not on every installation, you should not use this constant, since its deprecated.

    Plugin Support Patrick – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @faktorvier

    I hope you are doing well.

    Thank you for the report, I checked the plugin source and found it still uses that filter on a specific file.

    We are going to report to our developers and implement a fix to it.

    Best Regards
    Patrick Freitas

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    Hi @wpmudevsupport12

    Sounds good. Thanks for the quick update.

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    @wpmudevsupport12 Its been two months now and you still have not released a simple fix for this problem? I hope you can release this fix asap…

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @faktorvier

    I don’t have ETA on update on this. Please note that “deprecated” does not mean it’s forbidden to use it. It only means that it will be removed at some point and must be replaced in code by the time it is removed. Until then – it works just like it used to work.

    I assure you that it will be taken care of. I also asked our Smush team if they could prioritize it so I hope it will be done soon.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi @wpmudev-support8

    Glad to hear. I realise that a deprecated is not that bad, but its annoying to get unneccessairy, easy to fix deprecated notices on development/staging environments.

    Plugin Support Nithin – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @faktorvier,

    We do understand you, I can confirm our developers are already working on remedying the issues highlighted in this thread. While we cannot provide a specific timeline yet for the fix, you can get updates on our progress by subscribing to our roadmap at https://wpmudev.com/roadmap/.

    Once new versions are released, any pertinent changes will be described in the changelog, which you can find at:

    Seeing that this issue has been acknowledged and is being addressed, we’re marking this as resolved for now. However, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,


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