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  • I don’t touch anything, In fact, I did not come to the site for months and a few days ago I went and saw this error:

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/gana/public_html/es/wp-includes/cache.php on line 99

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/gana/public_html/es/wp-includes/query.php on line 21

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/gana/public_html/es/wp-includes/theme.php on line 576

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gana/public_html/es/wp-includes/cache.php:99) in /home/gana/public_html/es/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 694

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  • I’m triying but i don’t find anything. Thanks in advance.

    is that all you are seeing? Or does you site partially load?

    Can we have a link to your site?

    Sometimes, a site can get hacked, and itll throw all sorts of strange errors afterwords.

    Can you log into your site at all? Deactivating all plugins and switching to notmal theme may help.

    If you cant login to your site, you can do all that by ftp.

    Also, reuploading fresh copies of the wp-admin and wp-includes folders may help you out

    1. Yes,
    2. Where i can find some tutorial for disable plugins manually and change the themes, because i can’t login.

    Okey, please see the site and tell me what you recommend, thank you in advance.

    I would start with the plugins and theme.

    Do you know how to use an ftp program? I use filezilla. Google if not sure how to use one. Your host may also offer a file manager that you can use. But either way you need to access the files on your host/server.

    Navigate to
    es->wp-content->plugins and rename the plugin folder (or delete all the plugins inside it)

    that deactivates your plugins

    Navigate to
    es->wp-content->themes and delete all the themes except for default
    (if you have a custom theme you don’t want to delete, just rename it for now)
    that will set you back to default theme

    While you are using the ftp or file manager, now would be a good time to upload the new wp-includes and wp-admin folders from a fresh download of WordPress (same version you were using)

    Ok, what i do:

    1. Change the “plugins” to “plugins1” and i create a new folder with the name “plugins”.

    2. Change the “themes” to “themes1” and i create a new folder with the name “themes”. I copy the “default” theme folder to the new folder “themes”.

    And the result: the same msg, you suggest other thing?

    that’s a good start. Next is to reinstall WP. Do you know what version you were using?

    EDIT: sorry, you listed the version. Reinstall the files from that version. There is a good chance you were hacked. 2.5.1 is very old, and quite vulnerable

    Yes, 2.5.1 but i make a lot of modifications and i have info i can’t lose. I make a backup for reinstall.
    you can get a fresh copy of 2.5.1 here.

    Did you modify any files in the wp-includes or wp-admin folder? Those are the important ones to replace.

    I think no, okey. I download that and i remplace ALL files? (sure?)

    yup, just replace those two folders for now, as long as you didn’t modify anything. That way we know your wordpress files are clean

    Ok, i replace “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” folders but still that msg. I’m sure i replace okey because i delete first that folders and later y extract that two new folders.

    Hmm….that’s all the first step stuff I normally try. I’m gonna hafta think a bit. (Or maybe someone else knows)

    -Just a thought….maybe your host upgraded their php and some of the stuff from old wordpress isn’t supported in newer php?

    Upgrading WP might be a good idea? I’m not sure though… There is an order for upgrading older WP installs that I’m not sure of. It has been mentioned on the forums a few times.

    MMMMMM.. Now you say, i think yes. Maybe i upgrade Mysql or Php. Yes i think should be that. What the next step?

    How i can reinstall WP withouth touch much the themes, plugins and that?

    OK, well now I’m kind of at the end of my knowledge. Looking around the forums I see that the consesus is to upgrade from


    2.8.5 to newest

    You can get 2.8.5 at the link I posted above

    Here’s info on how to do the upgrade:


    I would definitely back up all files and also your database before doing this.

    Again, I’m not totally sure it will work…it’s just what I would do in this situation….

    As you upgrade…your themes may not be compatible, same with your plugins. Look for new versions of your plugins. You may have to edit themes. Back everything up to computer tho so you have all the old files

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