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  • Hey,

    Bought the paid version and the CF worker deploy isn’t working.

    When I get to the deploy phase for the Cloudflare addon it never finishes deploying. I waited a whole 24 hours.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    Hi @samunderwood,

    Sorry to hear about that! Happy to refund if you like.

    What I think may be the case here, is an image or file over 10MB or (less likely) site over 1GB.

    These are unfortunately limits with Cloudflare Workers/KV sites.

    Let me know if you can track down any large files and try to skip them.



    Thread Starter samunderwood


    I’d rather figure out how to get it to work than refund 😊

    Just checked all processed folders over 10MB and there were no files/images over 10mb and the total size of the site was 200mb

    Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    Thanks @samunderwood,

    Yes, let’s get it sorted!

    My next step would be to export the site using ZIP method and then manually deploy to a Workers site using Cloudflare’s Wrangler CLI tool. If that goes smoothly, then it’s less likely a content issue and more a plugin issue.

    That can be a bit fiddly, though, so faster would be to check the server’s logs for any errors at the time of export.

    It appears to me that it’s failing behind the scenes, but the plugin isn’t capturing/recognizing the error and aborting the deployment.

    We can also try deploying via the CLI using the plugin, with the following commands:

    wp wp2static detect
    wp wp2static crawl
    wp wp2static post_process
    wp wp2static deploy

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been working on the V7 version that you’re using for a while, instead building up to a long overdue release of an updated V6 before I can focus more on V7, else, there are some updated development builds of V7, not yet made into releases that have some better logging.

    This is the GitHub repo for the CloudFlare add-on, which is probably a better place to continue this discussion if you find any more clues after the above or need more ideas.

    I can help with the debugging to CF or others if you have no luck if you send me an export of your site.

    Speaking of which, if you switch off all other plugins, switch to default theme, will that deploy? If a clean WP with same environment, will it deploy?

    Once we can isolate the exact cause, should be able to do something about it.



    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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