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  • Hi All,

    I am trying to set up my Word Press site on my domain, My web developer left me with 1 zip file that contains a MySQL database and a folder labeled “Web Site Files” with the WordPress contents the way he designed them. It is my duty now to deploy the web-site to my own server but am having issues. I Imported the MySQL Database using phpMYAdmin and upload the web-site files, but no images work at all, only text. Also If I view source all the images point to a “” Url, Any help would be much apprieciated.

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  • Why don’t you give us web site url?

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    It sounds like you would need to do a find and replace on your database to replace with the correct URL.

    There are plugins to do this but all need to be used with caution as they make permanent changes to the database. However if you have the original mysql file then you can always re-import that to start over if things mess up.

    You can also do it in the database via phpMyAdmin if you’re comfortable with SQL, there are many resources out there.

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    Here’s a search and replace method that takes about 3 minutes and works beautifully. No SQL necessary, and it replaces serialized data (like widgets and plugin options).

    1) Be sure to have a backup of your existing database no matter what!

    2) Import your database as-is via phpMyAdmin. Go to your database name–>Import. Upload it.

    3) Download the script located here:

    4) Upload it to your root directory where the wp folders are.

    5) From the gods: “To use the script, you should install it in the root folder of your WordPress install (if you wish it to automatically pick up your wp-config) or anywhere else you fancy, but you won’t get the automatic config. You should also, to protect yourself from automated scanners looking for this script, rename it first. eg, you could name it as rrrrreplace.php – you’d then visit a url like and follow the on-screen instructions from there.”

    4) The prompts will guide you through the steps to find and replace your old domain name with your new one.

    5) Check out your site. It’s online and awesome. Make sure you can login.

    6) Delete the script from your server immediately.

    7) Take the rest of the night off!

    You should try using Codenvy ( it simplifies installation and is easier to understand.



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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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