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  • I am just getting started with Woocommerce, and it has a LOT going for it. I especially like the variations–select a variation and a corresponding picture will be shown. But this may be at the root of my problem. Let’s say I have a product category, “Handbags.” And within that, I have several “Cover” variations–pink print, blue print, green print. Each of those covers has its own set of “Lining” variations. “Pink print,” for example, might have pink, black, or white as lining choices. Blue print might have blue, brown, or cream.

    It’s as though I have to set up variations for the variations. Can this be done?

    Latest versions of WP and Woocommerce. I am using the free “Artificer” theme but if I can get this working, I’ll be looking at a purchased theme. (No sense in purchasing one if I can’t get it working…)

    Thanks in advance to all who read this!


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  • I’m just starting with WooCommerce myself, but aint there a solution to make it like in example:

    – create an attribute with name ‘pink print’
    – create attributes with names ‘pink lining’, ‘black lining’, ‘white lining’ and set a parent for those as ‘pink print’
    – repeat the above for the rest of possibilities
    – add attributes/variations to product

    …or am I thinking wrong?

    Thanks! I think you’re thinking right, but I can’t figure out how to apply those attributes to my variations. I can create them on my product screen, but can’t seem to have parents that way. If I create them from the global screen, I can’t use them in my variation. There is some step I am missing, some button I’m not clicking.


    I’m fighting with variations myself since the morning, didn’t do anything else cause of it… it’s a mess! Nothing works as I would like it to work 🙁

    It took me 3 days to figure out variations and one key step is after adding attributes, SAVE, YOU must save after every step.. I noticed if I added 2 or 3 then saved,, it would not.. Solved my issues..

    ps Another way you can do this is through forms. Such as

    Main product > select
    Form > Color
    Form > Print color

    You can add forms to help users design there items.

    There is no such thing as parent attributes, at least not to be used in the way some of you are thinking with variations.

    atelierbeads, if I get it right you want two attributes which form one variation together. So if you just make two attributes and make sure you set them both to be used for variations (see screenshot, think this is causing your other issue as well) and just set the main attribute for each variation and have the other attribute set to ‘any value’ as in this screenshot, you will be able to attach an image to each main attribute combined with any other attribute.

    If this does not answer your question, I am lost what you are really trying to achieve.

    Thanks for the clarification, Coen! I have to say I am generally overjoyed with Woocommerce, having spent a couple of years struggling with another plug-in. I haven’t been working on my project at all today, but I’ll try your instruction tomorrow.

    Appreciate your input as well as everyone else’s.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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