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    I’m trying to customize the WPPizza plugin but I have some questions :
    – I would like to delete the delivery because I’d like that the plugin can be used only for ordering to the restaurant (people have to pay at the restaurant)

    – I also would like to delete the images next to each items. I mean I would like there’s no images next to the items (so I just want text)

    – Finally I would like to delete the different sizes because there is only one for each item. And I don’t find where I can change prices.

    Thanks you !


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    a) it’s not implemented as such, but you can set “free delivery..” value to 0 and set your localization (Pricelabels (Sub)Totals: text to display when free delivery applies) to “please pick up your order at the restaurant” or similar . you will probably want to write some text to that effect on your order and thankyou page too

    b)in layout: Display placeholder image when no image associated with meal item: just untick (and dont use any featured images on any menu item of course)

    c) wppizza->meal sizes


    Thank you !

    Plugin Author ollybach


    did you just edit your answer ? (as more than just thank you showed up in my inbox?!)

    Yes I edited it because I found what i was looking for !

    Plugin Author ollybach


    excellent 🙂

    Plugin Author ollybach


    i guess that’s resolved then…..

    First of all, thank you for work, Oliver!

    I’m currently trying your plugin (v2) as a way for clients to send purchase orders and it’s working rather well.

    The first request Seline07 made you in this thread is something I’d find really useful, too. It’d be great if you could consider adding that functionality in the future.

    Also, if it’s not too much to ask, have you thought of a way to set different delivery prices for each item? For example, the delivery of a big/heavy item could cost more than the delivery of a small/light item. That too would increase the versatility of your plugin.


    Plugin Author ollybach



    >It’d be great if you could consider adding that functionality in the future.

    if you read the answer to that question, you’ll find that you can already do that. just do what I mentioned above.

    regarding your weight shipping question. I don’t think I will implement that anytime soon. after all this plugin is somewhat conceived for restaurants etc and I really think weight should not be a consideration for the delivery of a meal/menu item. (alas, if there are a lot more people that would want this functionality, i’ll consider it)

    if you want/need shipping calculations based on weight , you probably want to use something like woocommerce

    Actually, I did what you suggested and it’s working fine now.

    It’s just that I thought it would be more intuitive for users to have a radio button like “Disable delivery service (clients can only pick up orders at the store)” at the “Delivery Charges:” section.

    Regarding the shipping charges I can think of catering services where weight can actually be an issue, though in the vast majority of cases you are absolutely right that it is not. There are more robust e-commerce plugins available that could cover all my needs, but yours is so easy to use!

    I would have even asked for the option of simultaneously using two different currencies for items (for example, some priced in Pounds and others in Euros), yet I kept it to myself because the scope issue you mentioned.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    regarding “intuitivity”, you are probably right, but essentially it’s a check box that ends up doing pretty much exactly what you can already do with whats there (maybe one day i’ll be bored and do that , but it’s not very high on my list as it’s already possible anyway)

    regarding everything else you said: it’s (reasonably) easy to use because it doesn’t try to do everything for everybody. I’m only trying to make it do one thing well with a reasonable amount of flexibility.

    If someone really wants it to do things it’s not (and never has been) designed to do, I guess they could always pay someone to do it 🙂

    i listen to what people say , and more often than not, i actually act on it and integrate that option people require, but some ideas just do not justify the development effort for this one off idea/requirement someone might have

    (come to think of it, even woocommerce – as far is i remember – does not support different currencies per item…that’s a different subject altogether though..:)

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