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  • I’m almost done (RC1) with the core of my new photolog. It is simplistic and doesn’t use more sophisticated hacks like pictorialis.
    Currently Known Issues:
    1. Rendering issues in some IE versions.
    2. The (previous and next) graphical buttons misbehave/don’t function on IE.
    3. The comments popup needs a lot more polishing. And the link to the comments popup gives away a lot of information (that it is a php file, post id number and so on) which I am trying to obscure.

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  • I’d say it has some rendering issues! I get a blank page. Good luck with it. I’ll try again later…

    This looks like a great addition to the photo-handling needs for WordPress users! Are those your photos as well? They are stunning.

    Blank page is a bit extreme a rendering “issue”. 🙂 What browser/platform are you trying it with Beel?

    NuclearMoose: Thanks! I am beginning to write up the minor code hacks and design changes and will release them as soon as I know they’re ready. And yes they are my photos. And this isn’t the “photolog set” in itself, just a few I picked while I was trying to iron out the kinks.

    Hmm, clicking the link above in Firefox works fine, but in IE I get a blank page until I hit “refresh”. Anyhoo – I try to avoid commenting on content so I will just say it all looks nice, including the design layout 😉

    Beel: That’s freakily odd. I need to do a lot more testing on IE then. (Which usually takes a back seat since development is mostly in GNU/Linux.) I figure some cheapness like
    header("Pragma: no-cache");
    might be in order. Hmm.
    And not commenting on the content might be a good thing in this case :). I am pretty sure I am going to “reset” the database and start clean once all these issues are sorted out.

    i think it’s wonderful.
    the only suggestions i would make are:
    1. offer an initial gallery preview where you can see a stylishly laid out set of thumbnails.
    2. a backend label and sorting system, so that users can categorize photos, and create different galleries.
    just thinkin’ no biggies.

    dss: Thank you! Those are good ideas.
    1. I will think about how to go about doing this. Rather than offer it as an initial gallery preview, I plan to have this set of thumbnails (stylishly laid out of course) that point back to the corresponding pictures from the archives.
    But the whole plan was “keep it simpler than insanely simple”, so I need to work on having these elements and not have them apparent on the main page.
    2. That “sort of” exists. Right now all the pictures are under the default category, “general”, but when I upload the pictures when the site is up for real, I will classify them into different categories, so just loading something like should work (though it is moderately broken now). I will need to refine that. But the users can’t really sort it, not yet anyway. I will need to do some work to get that sort of functionality.
    (By the way, the reason I called the archives “shoebox” was to make it seem like a random collection of unclassified photos in an old box. :))

    Looks great in Firefox 0.9. Keep up the great work.

    bmccullo: Sweet, thanks!

    I think I’ve sorted out most of the issues raised and think it’s close to a “release”.
    Freshly out of beta, delineate.
    What do you feel?
    Please let me know your browser/platform too so I know where it works and where it breaks. Thanks!
    Probably not urgent stuff that will be worked on post release:
    – The link to to the comments popup still gives away a lot of information (that it is a php file, post id number and so on).
    – I am unable to duplicate Beel’s IE problem.
    – The title still exists only on the window-title-bar.
    – Working on a gallery system of the form dss suggested.

    ey… looks nice!
    is it available for testing?

    Leech: Yes, it’s “released” and you can test it if you like. I’ve refined it a little over the last month or so and “base functionality” has reached where I wanted it to.
    I’ve also been trying out one sort of categorized galleries (which will be thumbnailed in the future). How do these, for instance, look?

    i totally love how simple it is.
    so is it my imagination, or are these renerding more smoothly now?

    great! looks fantastic..
    lemme see..

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